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Social Music Charts for iLike and Billboard

There have been many times when I wished the Billboard music charts reflected my taste in music more closely. That time may be now. Billboard and iLike have decided to collaborate on a social music chart. The potential for tracking what kind of music is really popular, as opposed to what kind is just overplayed, is huge.

At the moment this innovative new idea will only be available on the FaceBook platform. Social networking, social music, social music chart tracking – what more could you ask for? Billboard and iLike currently plan on offering the charts weekly to FaceBook users.

The weekly music chart is not the only aspect of this collaboration. Billboard and iLike also plan to track FaceBook users’ song dedications, profile song popularilty, what songs are most added on FaceBook, and more.

Of course, all of this real data comes at a price. Billboard will be piggybacking on the iLike desktop application installed on user computers to track what songs you have on your iTunes, Windows Media Player and other music applications. This information will be used to create another chart tracking the most popular music downloaded offline.

That Big Brother-esque application seems a little invasive. I’m not fond of programs that glean data from my hard drive, and tend not to install them, or uninstall them. However, once you have iLike turned on in FaceBook, you’ve been sharing your information there anyway, so in this case it may not be that big of a deal.

I’m excited to see if the 12 songs Clear Channel forces down listeners throats are really the most popular in their genres or not. I’m betting not. My guess is that if nothing else this collaboration will help display the true face of music listener preferences to the people who make the playlists on the radio.

My original version found at Profy site.