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How Do I Use Evernote Project

I talked about Evernote in my last post. It has truly become an essential tool on my desktop, online and on my phone. I think it was Ari Herzog who pointed me to the “How Do I Use Evernote” You Tube project (I could be wrong – I can’t find the Tweet, IM or email now), and I loved it. I actually found it hard to state only one way I use it, it’s become such an integral part of my toolbox. I replied, and you can see my unedited, no-make-up, just woke up response here, or you can view the initial video below and hit the “Reply” button underneath to put your own response on YouTube for all of us to see. Also, related to this project, I like how YouTube is doing some Seemic-style conversation threads, but have to say that Seesmic does it a bit better as far as tracking the conversation that flows from it.

New Articles Up At Mashable And Blorge, PodCast In Works For Mac.Blorge

I have new articles up at Mac.Blorge, Tech.Blorge and Mashable covering DEMO companies, Apple events, Ubiquity for the Mac and a brief commentary on TechCrunch50 vs DEMOFall08. Check them out and let me know what you think. The next piece in the social media for social change series on Mashable should be up shortly as well.

Also of note, fellow Blorger Opal and I are planning a weekly Mac podcast for you, so stay tuned on Blorge to hear more about that as well!