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Social Media Starts With YOU

Recently, I partnered with Awareness to present a webinar: “Social Media Starts With YOU” as part of their ongoing series.

Here is the audio:Here is a clean version of the slides without the WebEx framebar:

Links and notes requested in the Q&A:

Intel Social Media Guidelines

In response to the “doing it well for B2B” many audience members asked in the chat room why I didn’t say Chris Brogan. I adore the very smart Chris, who is very good at what he does, but I prefer to use examples of businesses outside of our social media bubble when possible. The question has inspired some research on who is doing it well for a blog post coming up, which I’ll come back and link here once it’s finished.

Note: I’m a bit head down on a client project this week, but will be coming back to add the other requested links here as I have time.