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Sociology and Psychology of Social Media

I’ve been thinking about this topic for all of 2009. It only seemed fitting then to do what I do and create a conference around it so we could all explore the topic together. I found a like mind in Joe Cascio of Push My Follow, and we started the work of getting a conference together.

We dubbed this conference S•Cub3d (Social Science By The Seashore) and it’s all about putting social media on the couch for some deep analysis of what drives it. We’ll be holding it in Connecticut by the ocean in Summer 2010 with the idea of being central to the great minds studying this very topic in both New York and Massachusetts, as well as central to many colleges, universities and methods of transportation.

We’re playing some of the details a bit close to the vest for now, opening our announcement with a call for speakers and sponsors for this one-day conference. We’ll be unveiling the location, hotel information for those who wish to stay over and the speaker and sponsor list as 2010 opens up, but for now – we’ve opened the dialogue to make sure we touch on the topics that are important to the community.

We’re taking this analysis so much further than ROI and marketing. We want to know about the human behaviors that drive social media and make it what it is, and the human behaviors that will drive its future.

So please, if you are researching this topic (and using the tools – not just armchair quarterbacking), we want to hear from you! If you are a cutting edge company that wants to support an event doing this kind of analysis, we want to hear from you also.

You can find the call for speakers and sponsors and conference web site at S• and the S •Cub3d Facebook Fan Page here.