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Making sense of the space between Twitter and Friendfeed

Twitter and Friendfeed: two social micro-blogging platforms which people continue to compare and contrast, like both locked in a duel to death with one another. Recently, Dave Winer wrote a piece on the two platforms, likening them to the early computing platforms of Macs versus PCs. Dave suggests that Twitter is like the Mac platform: easy to use and adopt, but not as open or capable as a “PC” platform.

While I see the validity of this comparison, I’m forced to reflect on current trends in personal computing. While Windows might be a very open platform (arguably more open than OS X), the ease-of-use and attractive simplicity of Macs is winning over consumers every day. Similarly, though the iPhone has a rather closed GUI and platform, it is possibly the most popular smartphone on the market, even over competitors offering Windows or Linux-based operating systems boasting “open” operating systems.