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Inspiration Day: David Armano

I’m a little late on my Inspiration Day series (which usually coincides with the #followfriday meme on Twitter).

Let me catch up on sharing with you all another of the many, many people who inspire me. This time I’d like to highlight David Armano. A forward thinking social media presence, David writes the blog Logic+Emotion and works with Dachis Corp. He is constantly helping others find their way in this space with good advice, like this:

He tends to have well rounded, forward thinking, unusual ideas that merge disciplines. He also has a big heart. After years of helping others and asking nothing in return, he also made a woman named Daniela‘s life much better by reaching out to his network on her behalf. He is one of my favorite people to listen to online (and he’s a really nice person in real life, and a kick-ass karaoke singer to boot).