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Social Media For Social Change: SM4SC

I got a nod from Gradon Tripp and Dmitri Gunn over on the Social Media for Social Change blog for helping (such small help as it is) with the SM4SC fundraiser. I appreciate it, but in reality, it’s the fundraiser that deserves our undivided attention. The October 10th event will benefit Jane Doe, Inc., a local charity near and dear to my heart.

The best part about this fundraiser is that it started as a small, offhand idea and has grown exponentially into something fully scalable to a multitude of charity events of all types. From a vague notion of “helping effect real world” change, Gradon Tripp and friends have grown this into a way to leverage our formidable social networks into a force to be reckoned with, and that is something I’ve been preaching for ages, using our networks for real, tangible change.

Kudos to Gradon and Dmitri, and to their sponsors and the rest of the social media community for embracing this wave of giving back.