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Is Your Front Desk In Order?

The first thing a customer sees is your front desk. Your front facing person could be a greeter at your entry way, a receptionist, a voice mail system, your Twitter account or any of a number of things – but you do have a first impression to make.

As 2010 draws to a close I ask you: is your front desk in order? Are you ready for 2011?

If your front desk is a web presence, is it ready for customers, giving them easy to find, useful, comprehensive information? After doing this assessment on myself last year, I revamped my own presences. I will likely need to do this again, and again – just like you.

If your front desk is an automated system of any kind: voice mail, auto DM, canned responses, etc my opinion is you need to trash it and start with something more human, helpful and accessible.

If your front desk is brick and mortar based: restaurant staff, receptionists, door greeters, customer service representatives and more, are these people fully trained in your goals, in how you want your online presences used, in your message and how to really be helpful to your customers?

Are you giving the front line of your company enough information and power to be effective in this economic battleground, or do you render them mute by keeping them in silos, like so many mushrooms?

Give an honest assessment of your own front desk, and use the last bit of 2010 to make it shine so you get off on the right foot in 2011.