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Inspiration Day: David Armano

I’m a little late on my Inspiration Day series (which usually coincides with the #followfriday meme on Twitter).

Let me catch up on sharing with you all another of the many, many people who inspire me. This time I’d like to highlight David Armano. A forward thinking social media presence, David writes the blog Logic+Emotion and works with Dachis Corp. He is constantly helping others find their way in this space with good advice, like this:

He tends to have well rounded, forward thinking, unusual ideas that merge disciplines. He also has a big heart. After years of helping others and asking nothing in return, he also made a woman named Daniela‘s life much better by reaching out to his network on her behalf. He is one of my favorite people to listen to online (and he’s a really nice person in real life, and a kick-ass karaoke singer to boot).

Inspiration Day: Alicia Staley

Keeping the new tradition of telling you all about people who inspire me each Friday on FollowFriday, let me talk about Alicia Staley. Alicia is known locally for being kind, generous, having immense drive and spirit and for being a 3-time cancer survivor.

That’s right, she’s kicked cancer’s butt THREE TIMES. Not only that, she fights tirelessly for cancer awareness for cancer sufferers, cancer survivors and the families of people who suffer from cancer and all of the incredible difficulty that journey entails. You’ve probably seen her name on this blog before – we’re a frequent supporter, whether via time or money, of local efforts to help her cause.

If you want to hear more about (and from) Alicia, you can follow her on Twitter. You can hook up with one of her projects, like the recent Staley Riders. Or you can ask her about her foundation, The Staley Foundation.  She’s more than just “the cancer crusader” around these parts, though (as if that wasn’t enough!). She is a wonderful friend for many people, and brings a lot of knowledge and interests to any conversation – you should really get to know her.