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Social Media Breakfast March 2009

Updated to add slides and audio from this morning (Thanks to DimDim and Kevin for the Live Cast!):

Attendee Videos:

From Perkett PR‘s Christine Major:

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Special thank you to our partial event sponsor, Custom Scoop, publisher of Media Bulls Eye Magazine. Thanks to their generosity and the generosity of Rick Korn from Rick’s Pond View we are able to offer this breakfast at a low cost to you.

What’s Custom Scoop?

CustomScoop, a leader in Media Intelligence,
delivers customizable media monitoring technology and analysis to its
customers in Public Relations, Sales, Marketing, Investor Relations and
Competitive Intelligence.

CustomScoop’s solutions utilize proprietary software, an extensive
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CustomScoop is headquartered in Concord, NH.

Location: Rick’s Pond View, 92 Route 125, Kingston, NH 03848 (right in the middle of several major highways and roads: Hwy 101, I 495, Route 125, Route 111, Route 107, Route 108 and more. Follow Rick’s Pond View on Twitter, or Rick’s A Cafe and Grille, also on Twitter, and check out both on FaceBook (group/fan page).

Theme for the second Social Media Breakfast: Government 2.0 (how utilities, organizations for the environment, and more work with and from municipalities and other entities using social media to achieve goals)

The second Social Media Breakfast NH (hashtag #smbnh) will be all about topics related to Government 2.0. In this struggling economy and shifting paradigm we need to be working together to be more successful and better weather the storm. We should be pulling in all aspects of technology, new media, old media and social media to succeed. This meeting will help us lay the foundation for a richer, better education, tech and new media community in NH.

In addition to myself, who will be your host and MC for the morning, you will have three speakers giving three brief presentations on topics relating to the theme for the morning.

Electric Tweets‘ – Why @psnh followers increased 1,700% in one week Public Service of New Hampshire’s Martin Murray will discuss the electric utility’s use of Twitter and other social media.

Boston Police Department is sending John Daley to discuss their web outreach efforts via Twitter and other new media.

Now or Never Media‘s Bill Rogers and his partners in clean air initiatives will discuss how they use social media to get the word out and reach out to municipalities for change.

TO SPONSOR THIS OR A FUTURE SMBNH CONTACT LESLIE POSTON via Twitter, Email or Phone or purchase a sponsor ticket above.

Let’s make the new SMBNH crackle with energy and success! See you there!

Social Media Breakfast NH #2: Now on 3/27

An update for everyone on the state of the SMB NH # 2: It won’t be in Portsmouth on 3/20. The road blocks to getting this going in Portsmouth were astronomical, and in the end I decided to stick with one of the two more welcoming cities I’ve been working with: Manchester and Kingston. To that end the new date and location for SMB NH # 2 is March 27th in Kingston, NH.

I put up an EventBrite page for sponsor sign ups here: I’m looking for 2 sponsors (or one willing to take both slots) at $500 each. I am confirming the three speakers I had on the new date now – keep your eyes peeled for that announcement later as well. I’ll open up regular registration once I know if I have one or two sponsors.

The theme is still loosely Government 2.0. The speakers I have are going to be discussing things like clean air initiatives and how they’ve worked with governments and municipalities to make them happen as well as how public works is using social media to reach out to the people in their communities. It should be educational, and I’d like to encourage you to invite your local government officials to sign up – you don’t have to be in social media to gain or share knowledge this month.

The venue is a restaurant owned by a new client of mine, Rick’s Pond View. It does have WiFi, but as always I encourage speakers to bring a copy of their presentation on flash drive or CD in case the WiFi gets overloaded, as sometimes happens when you have many iPhones and laptops running. It is located right on the 125 in Kingston (92 Rte 125), ten minutes north of I 495, ten minutes south of Hwy 101 and at or near the juncture of Rts 111, 107, and 108. 30 minutes from Manchester and Portsmouth, 20 from Newburyport and Amesbury, 15 from Haverhill and 45 from Boston.

I’ll announce the sign up page link later today.

Government 2.0 Topics on Fire Recap

We had a great podcast, during which we touched on themes of implementation of social media in a bureaucracy, the push for transparent government, the push back from outdated systems, how the President-elect may be hampered by existing rules and how he might effect real change and cause a trickle down effect. We also touched on privacy issues, who and what government people and entities are active in the social media space around the world, and ways the public could help install transparency, as well as realistic expectations of the roll out of government 2.0 as a reality. Please listen to the entire podcast for the full effect – my guest panelists Leslie Bradshaw, Triston McIntyre, Justin Herman, Andrea Baker, and Alan Silberberg were fantastic! I have included the file here, and have put the unedited links from the chat room and podcast below the embedded audio for you to check out.

Topics on Fire, Episode 9: Government 2.0 and what it means for social media and technology

Tonight’s episode of Topics on Fire will center around Government 2.0 and what it means for social media, technology and the nation under the new President-elect, Barack Obama. There are inherent legal and security concerns with Government 2.0 implementation and use, as well as issues with how to fit technology, social media and transparency into the existing sluggish bureaucratic structure.

Government 2.0, Implementation Under A Technology President

Obama was elected as our next President by one of the largest margins in recent election history, ushering in a new administration under what I think can safely be called a mandate. Already he is being touted as the Technology President, and geeks everywhere are in spasms of ecstasy over the potential for technology, new media and social media. Many are even going so far as to say that he was elected by social media, though I disagree. It is my stance that he was elected by us after using his firm grasp of social media and technology to show the nation how to network on a global digital scale.

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It’s been a monumental week here, with many presentations, events and meetings planned in the coming weeks. This is just an overview of what we’re up to and where you can find us: