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Dunbar Numbers, Myers Briggs Type Indicators and Social Media

I am conducting a bit of an informal survey here. I won’t reveal my position on the matter at hand, so as to avoid undue skewing of the results. However, I am using both the Dunbar Number theory and Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) of personalities to gather some data on Twitter for my survey and impending companion blog post. Please put your answers in the comments before January 5th, 2009. I’ll then post the results of my survey and a post about my theory that inspired the survey and how well they supported my theory (or didn’t).

Never heard of the Dunbar Number theory? Click here.

Don’t know your MBTI personality type (mine is ENTP, as is Triston)? Click here to use the MyType application on FaceBook (my personal favorite), or click here if you don’t have FaceBook.

(Yes, I started this on a survery site and found that it did not correlate the data correctly for me, so I am scrapping that early data. Please play again via the comments here. I will put the first comment so you see the information I need. Enter your MBTI and your follower count as of today. Thank you!)