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Gruvr Finds Local Shows

I’m always on the look out for simple, easy to use applications or tools that give me a way to make a part of my life easier. Today’s favorite is Gruvr. This little site uses Google Maps to bring you live music shows near you, in a live action map feed. A live music junkie, I was excited to check it out.

It is incredibly basic, very easy to use and fits a need of mine perfectly. It won’t win any awards for design, but I can’t say I care about that. Live music is incredibly hard to find where I live (in Boston it is easy, but as you get further away the venues seem to dwindle) and Gruvr brings it right to my door for me to choose where I’d like to go that night.

You can follow bands/musicians also, which is handy when you find a band or musician you especially like and want to stalk them, er, I mean, support their music. You can also add bands, venues and musicians. Basically Gruvr has created a site that provides a useful service in a simple way, and that allows me to adapt it to my needs and preferences – I’d call that a win.

This simple little site has filled a huge need for me. Go check it out and let me know what you think. You can find it at