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SMBNH October at Phillips Exeter Academy: Circles of Influence

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Welcome to SMBNH: Circles of Influence: Google+ and How Social Media Empowers Users to Unite, Grow and Shape Communities

With a focus on large scale communications and communites as well as small scale, we explore how social media has helped nations topple, companies grow, politics change, local movements get off the ground and more. Whether it’s news regarding Libya’s conflicts or supporting a local talented artist by creating community and communication, these flexible tools help make it happen.

Phillips Exeter Academy SealThis month we are being hosted by Phillips Exeter Acedemy in Exeter, NH.

From their Mission page:

“Exeter seeks to graduate young people whose creativity and independence of thought sustain their continuing inquiry and reflection, whose interest in others and the world around them surpasses their self concern, and whose passion for learning impels them beyond what they already know.”

Some of our brightest stars have attended Phillips Exeter Academy and benefitted from their philosophy.

This month’s focus brings us a well rounded group of speakers as well.

The morning begins with an address from Phillips Exeter Academy, then seques into our three speakers, starting with

Leslie Poston, Founder of Magnitude Media and co-author of Twitter for Dummies, contributor to the Social Media ProBook and author of the Grande Guide to Social Advertising, as well as (coming in 2012) Social Media Metrics for Dummies, will address some of the privacy concerns faced by educators and others when building communities. Then moving on to

John Herman, Media Literacy Educator and Founder of NH Media Makers, author and polymath as well as a very special guest from Google will talk to you about building community, applying media literacy best practices and other topics related to Google +, and will demonstrate several of the Google + capabilities live during the talk.

We’ll then be closing the morning with our featured speaker:

Grant Sanborn, Director of Interactive Marketing for HCA Healthcare. Grant will speak about the challenges and best practices he’s experienced in building an online community around a 17 hospital group, including Portsmouth Regional Hospital.

There will also be a one hour campus tour of Phillips Exeter Academy immediately following the breakfast as well. We encourage you to take part.

All of us at SMBNH look forward to seeing you all there.

Follow Leslie, John, Grant, Phillips Exeter Academy, SMBNH on Twitter before the breakfast for up to the minute updates.

Circle Leslie, John, or Mike from PEA on Google + to get in the spirit of the breakfast.


We have some great surprises for our attendees this year and the first one came yesterday. By popular demand, we have decided to make Podcamp this year ONE DAY. This means a day packed with learning, and evening gathering of like minds, Sunday to explore the area on your own, and the chance for a great weekend for everyone. Since this leaves many the opportunity to explore on Sunday, we thought we could let you know a few places in the area.

The school The New Hampton School itself is secluded. Not on a busy road, it has a campus that offers everything that a private school can. We have use of the cafeteria, where the meals are delicious and you have a wide selection of food to choose from during lunch and snack times. We also have access to the athletic field where we plan to play Quidditch.  There is also access to a library for impromtu one on one or small group sessions (“jellies”). The grounds of the school also have a beautiful pond to sit by and reflect or work. Since this is a PodCamp and the Law of Two feet applies, if you find that there is a time where you need to just sit and work, there are many places to do so.

To get an idea how far from Boston we are: last year PodCamp NH was in Portsmouth (1 hour north on I-95 to Exit 7). This year PodCamp NH is in New Hampton (1 hour and 15 minutes north on I-93 to Exit 23) – only a stone throw farther.

If you find that you have to travel Friday and Sunday there are plenty of places to eat and explore before the PodCamp begins and after it ends on Sunday. Remember to reserve your Saturday night for our after party, however, as it is an intimate chance to really meet each other. There will be more information about this as the event nears. The cute town of Ashland and it’s Main Street of Shops and Restaurants are a short drive from the School – one exit up to Exit 24. The Comfort Inn Hotel is at the same exit. The (original) Common Man, Bullwinkles Bar and Grill are two great Restaurants at this exit. We understand that there is always something going on in New Hampshire and this weekend is no different which is why places to stay may be few and far between.

If you are the outdoorsy type there are hiking trails and campgrounds, places to fish, tree top tours all within a few more exits. There is a Water park, Safari rides and even a train ride through the mountains. There are places to camp nearby complete with cabins, swimming pools, and even playgrounds for the family.

There is also our give away to all of our attendees: gift cards to the Tilton Outlets, so you can go shopping while in the area.

So join us for the entire weekend including a packed and exciting day of great learning and fun at Podcamp NH!

SMBNH Portsmouth: Local Business Tech

Register for Social Media Breakfast NH: Local Business Tech in Portsmouth, NH  on Eventbrite

We hope to see you at our next SMBNH on May 20, 2011! Online signup closes on May 19, 2011.

You can read what Social Media Breakfast NH is all about, how Leslie started it many moons ago and who the awesome people on the SMBNH team are who make these breakfasts possible, like co-organizers Kevin, Nik, Karen, Diane, Matt, Susan and Melanie by heading over to the official blog and reading our About SMBNH page. There is also a mailing list in the side bar there – signing up means you will hear about these events first!

Leslie and Kevin would like to thank Melanie Burger, without whom we couldn’t have pulled off SMBNH this month. Thank you!

The Theme for May 2011’s Social Media Breakfast NH is Local Business Tech

We’ll be discussing how customers and businesses are using social media to go local, buy local, eat local and more, and how companies, employees and customers can use these tools to their advantage.


8:30 – 8:58 AM Networking and Breakfast

8:58 – 9:00 Opening Remarks by SMBNH Founder Leslie Poston and Co-Organizer Melanie Burger

9:00 – 9:05 Sponsor Remarks by Roundabout Diner

9:05 – 9:25 Sarah Diment, The Beachmere Inn

9:25 – 9:45 Walter Elly, MicroArts, Location Based Services in our community businesses

9:45 – 10:05 Stephen Bobbett: Illustrator and Designer, STREET Server and Social Media Liaison

10:05 – 10:30 Group Q&A with all speakers at the front to field questions

We’d like to thank our venue sponsor, the locally owned and operated and social media active Roundabout Diner.

We’d like to thank our food and beverage sponsor: Roundabout Diner

Roundabout Diner is a locally owned restaurant with fabulous food and service, centrally located on the Portsmouth Traffic Circle to serve you.

Follow Roundabout Diner on Twitter

We’re looking forward to having these sponsors involved in May!

Note: There is plenty of parking at the diner

Tell your fellow NH VIPs that we’re looking for YOU to help make SMBNH 2011 amazing:

We’re looking for your help to direct the topics of the next year’s Social Media Breakfast NH! Won’t you fill out this quick form letting us know what you want to hear about for SMBNH 2011?

We’re also adding to our speaking roster for 2011 – have you always wanted your 15 minutes to share your knowledge with your SMBNH peers? Now is your chance! Tell us all about you and how you can help us increase our brain power at an SMBNH in 2011 on this form.


On Twitter

On Facebook

On LinkedIn

On The Web

By Email (Leslie)

Updates and changes to this event, including confirmed speakers not yet listed, can be found on the blog.

Social Media Breakfast NH Wants Your Input!

As the holiday season approaches, all of us at SMBNH are working to build a schedule for 2011 that has even more quality speakers, the topics you want to know more about, and that makes its way to every part of the state. We’re scheduling now for SMBNH in Upper Valley, Keene, Monadnock, Nashua, Portsmouth, Manchester, and more.

Have you always wanted to be a speaker at one of our breakfasts? The best way to do that is to toss your name in the ring! Simply head over to our SMBNH Speaker Registration Form and tell us a little about yourself, and you’ll be up for consideration when we have a topic that fits. The more detail you can give us, the better able we are to select appropriate speakers for each topic. Don’t worry – we don’t share your information with anyone else.

We’ve covered a lot of topics since we started way back when, but we may not have covered YOUR desired topic (or maybe we covered it, but the information has changed and it could use a refresher). Let us know what you want to learn more about in 2011 on our SMBNH Topic Request Form. Just to reiterate – we don’t share your information with anyone else. We just use it to contact you if we have questions.

I can’t wait to see what you propose and which of you wants to speak! One note: speakers must live or work in NH – the point of SMBNH is to highlight the talent that we have right here in the Granite State.

SMBNH & SMBME Join For Education

Register for SMBNH & SMBME Join for Education in Portsmouth, NH  on Eventbrite

NOTE: THE EVENT IS ON August 20, 2010.

Ticket sales end on 8/19 in the evening. Do not confuse the Eventbrite ticket end date with the event date! 


This month, your Social Media Breakfast is a joint effort between SMBNH founder Leslie Poston of Magnitude Media and SMBME founder Amanda O’Brien of Hall Web Services

In NH we’ve had two Education themed SMBNH mornings (here and here), where you have heard from folks breaking new ground in education from all over the state. Now we’re bringing some of the bright minds from Maine down to collaborate and share what our neighbor is doing for social and education. 

We hope to foster a greater feeling of community between the education communities in both states, and we hope you enjoy our three speakers from our sister state of Maine and meeting our attendees from both NH and Maine this month.

Thank you to our sponsors:

a destination for people writing and reading about the role of social media in education, particularly in independent schools and colleges. edSocialMedia the company has held a Summit, a dozen hands-on social media Bootcamps around the country, spoken at numerous conferences, hired our first full time director, and expanded our services to include social media strategy and consulting.


WhippleHill Communications provides targeted communications solutions for independent schools seeking next-generation Web services. Our core Podium platform combines powerful content management and student data management software in a modular system designed to allow schools to add functionality at their own pace. Our Partner Ecosystem brings industry solutions to schools through Podium’s open API.  As a Software as a Service company, WhippleHill’s hosted solutions are secure and updated regularly at no additional cost.


Hall Tools include SERP data, Site Statistics, Conversion Data and Social Media Mentions – offering a more complete user source and traffic model




Theme for the 14th Social Media Breakfast: Social Media for Educators

The 14th Social Media Breakfast NH is also the first SMBNH and SMBME collaboration.

This one will be all about topics related to educators using Social Media and as our third foray into education here in NH, will feature speakers from our neighbor: Maine.  

In addition to Leslie Poston (myself), who will be your host and MC for the morning, you will have three speakers giving three brief presentations on topics relating to the theme for the morning. 


Opening Remarks by Leslie Poston (SMBNH founder)

Alex Steed (ME) from Opportunity Maine is putting together a local report card for schools that is heavily social media based and will be talking about his project.

Tucker Kimball (ME) from Gould Academy will present a case study on how GA uses social media.

Richard Byrne from Free Technology for Teachers

Q&A session (we do a Q&A with all three speakers at the end. Amanda O’Brien will moderate this portion)

Closing Remarks and announcements by Leslie Poston

This is going to be a great breakfast!


There is a huge lot at the Marriott. I believe they validate parking, but have not confirmed this yet for you. 


The Marriott is at the corners of Deer St, Maplewood Ave and Hanover St in Portsmouth. The address in the sidebar will get you to the parking entrance but is not their official address.

Event Center:

Look for the blue awning to the side of the main entrance – that’s where we’ll be!



Let’s make SMBNH crackle with energy and success! See you there!

Where is Construction in the Social Space?

I live in a New England downtown area with a lot of constant construction, street closures, detours, and more during any month where there isn’t snow on the ground. Those that know me know that the person I’m currently seeing is also a contractor (and one who eschews all technology). He isn’t the only contractor I know who sees technology as if it were infused with the plague, either. This is a huge mistake in my opinion.

There is currently a major project going on behind my office. Points go to the contractor, a big outfit, for having an email chain for immediate abutters to keep up with the scheduled construction impacts. However, they are doing a couple of things wrong – number one of which is assuming that the 10 or so houses and offices that abut the property directly are the only ones affected by their chaos.

Imagine how much nicer it would be for the surrounding neighbors, for people visiting a business in the area, and for tourists expecting the streets to be open and finding them closed to be able to see the construction schedule for a multi-year project on Facebook. Imagine if the street closures, water shut offs, electricity shut offs, and accidental damage that occurs to internet lines and more were covered on Twitter in advance, with up to the hour updates on fixes?

Another way to use the technology: How many times have you driven down a city street in a new city, headed for a meeting, only to get hopelessly lost in construction detours – what would happen if every city had a collective Twitter that contractors, police and more updated with road closures daily – and have that be it’s only purpose, clearly stated? A strictly information Twitter, Miio, JitterJam text, or similar stream would go a long way to helping people plan trips, plan getting home and into their driveways, and generally increase good will.

What about contractors building something controversial, or building it in a controversial place? How many planning board meetings would go more smoothly and have less angry residents or others impacted by the decision on where to build and what to build if you created a social presence for your project and managed your future offline community online from the start?

Where are the contractors’ in progress pictures on Facebook? Some are scared to post them, for fear OSHA and others will see something amiss in how they are doing their jobs (a new lead paint law in Massachusetts comes to mind here, specifically, but I’m sure there are others). Some just have no idea that they could be making social media video  of their process and educating their future and current customer on what goes on in the complex world of construction.

What if they got into FourSquare and other location services? If a job was especially cool or interesting, why not a pop up tip telling where to find photos or what their web site is, and offering a free estimate? Or a pop up offering a detour route linking to Google Maps?

As a consumer and traveler, how could the construction industry incorporate social to reach you better? What kinds of things would you like to see them do? As a contractor, how can you use these tools to make your jobs and companies more efficient and more interactive, bridging communication gaps?

SMBNH Nashua May 2010 Recap

I am so happy that so many folks in Nashua turned out today for the first time bringing Social Media Breakfast NH to your city. We’ll be doing it more regularly (and with less kinks) in the future. With a plethora of challenges occurring behind the scenes in pulling this off, including having trouble with venue, sound difficulties, speakers flaking out at the last minute, speakers agreeing to be last minute replacements and more, your tolerance was very appreciated and we hope to see you at the next one (and will be holding it a venue much more conducive to learning next time).

That said, Nashua has some very different concerns from the upper part of the state and the seacoast region. I’d like to get some feedback for future events on what topics are near and dear to your hearts and would fill your needs the best going forward. I’ll be sharing the information I receive with Diane, Kevin and Matt as well. Of note, some things about the breakfast don’t alter from event to event, regardless of location. The breakfast portion of the day is always a half hour networking over coffee and light, portable fare such as bagels, fruit, pastries and such. The speaking portion is always geared toward three speakers with Q&A at the end of the day.

Here is a quick questionnaire to get your feedback and ideas.

Announcement: PCNH Date Change

After lengthy team discussion and thorough analysis of the sign up rate, we have made the difficult decision to postpone PodCamp NH. It seems the Father’s Day weekend is a tough one for folks in the region, which we completely understand!

Please know that we will have a new date for you by next Tuesday, and that this event will still absolutely rock your socks off!

Please also know that this will affect the cost, and we will determine refund options for everyone next week as well – those who wish to attend on the new date who have paid will be accommodated, and those who can’t attend will as well.

Please stay tuned! The Eventbrite page has been temporarily disabled while we sort out the logistics of the change, and will be active again at the same address once we work out the kinks next week.

(And yes, this is still an active event seeking both session leaders and sponsors, it is simply going to be on a weekend that works better for everyone so that more people can attend and learn and make connections.)

Welcome 2010 PodCampers!

We are so excited to see you starting to sign up to attend, sponsor or lead a session for this year’s PodCamp NH! We can’t even begin to fully express how phenomenal this event is going to be, especially with the added element of dorm life to foster even closer bonds and extended learning and teaching and creating for those who can stay. We also hope that the availability of the dorms at a low rate makes it easier for our friends from PodCamps all over the world to come and be part of this unique experience with us.

PodCamp NH 2010 is the second PodCamp here in NH, and most assuredly the most unique. We are opening our arms to everyone, not just social media types, because social media is simply part of the lexicon now. We want the techies, the coders, the creatives (film, music, photography, art, design, etc), the comedians, the marketers, the psychologists… the list goes on. We want to help everyone add these tools to what they do, learn new things, and grow.

This is YOUR PodCamp. You can sign up for sessions and see proposed sessions on the sessions tab (above), to sponsor on the sponsor tab. If you don’t want dorm life, there is a list of hotels under travel (though none have offered to match the spectacular dorm rate yet!). Registration is open over on Eventbrite.  Of note, we know it’s on Father’s Day weekend, and we encourage you to bring your children and parents during the day by using the Day Pass option. We have limited dorm accommodations so those overnight tickets are reserved for the adults. There is plenty of room at this one for everyone to grab one of the types of tickets and be part of it, and we even hope that some of the younger and older generations might want to lead sessions as well.

Meanwhile, here is a taste of what’s already on deck for this fabulous event:

  • Battledecks
  • Quidditch on the lush school grounds
  • Live music to inspire and entertain
  • Improv on a live stage
  • Education + Technology, Social and New Media
  • Government + Technology, Social and New Media
  • Health + Technology, Social and New Media
  • Blogging, All Levels of Expertise
  • PodCasting, All Levels of Expertise
  • Music + Technology, Social and New Media
  • Film + Technology, Social and New Media
  • Video for the Web
  • Collaborative Economies
  • Adaptive Media for Small and Medium Business
  • What can YOU teach? What do YOU want to learn?
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    Learn and Teach New Things in 2010

    PodCamp NH is designed to foster learning, teaching and to strengthen the bonds of the NH community. We’re taking over the dorms at New Hampton School this year. Not just because it’s cool (it is) but because we know that being around creative, smart, savvy, fun people for longer than just 8 hours at a time is going to foster bonds that last far beyond the weekend. We won’t be a bit surprised to see new startups, new film or music projects, new teams, new collaborations and new friendships forming in this PodCamp NH 2010 incubator.

    Are you ready? At the end of PodCamp NH we’ll be a better NH, and a better us.

    At our disposal:

    A theater, smart classrooms with projectors, dorms, full cafeteria with amazing restaurant quality food, music, a master classroom fully integrated with audio and video, a computer lab, a library, a lounge, parking, tennis courts, soccer fields, and so much more.

    Who should come:

    If you miss college, if you wanted to go to college and couldn’t, if you love to learn or teach, if you have a film or music project you’ve been waiting to do, if you want to make an app, if you want to be a better educator, marketer, government rep or more – this is the weekend to make it happen.

    Be One Of Our Sponsors

    Lead One Of Our Sessions

    Be One Of Our Volunteers

    Register for PodCamp NH 2010!

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