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We have some great surprises for our attendees this year and the first one came yesterday. By popular demand, we have decided to make Podcamp this year ONE DAY. This means a day packed with learning, and evening gathering of like minds, Sunday to explore the area on your own, and the chance for a great weekend for everyone. Since this leaves many the opportunity to explore on Sunday, we thought we could let you know a few places in the area.

The school The New Hampton School itself is secluded. Not on a busy road, it has a campus that offers everything that a private school can. We have use of the cafeteria, where the meals are delicious and you have a wide selection of food to choose from during lunch and snack times. We also have access to the athletic field where we plan to play Quidditch.  There is also access to a library for impromtu one on one or small group sessions (“jellies”). The grounds of the school also have a beautiful pond to sit by and reflect or work. Since this is a PodCamp and the Law of Two feet applies, if you find that there is a time where you need to just sit and work, there are many places to do so.

To get an idea how far from Boston we are: last year PodCamp NH was in Portsmouth (1 hour north on I-95 to Exit 7). This year PodCamp NH is in New Hampton (1 hour and 15 minutes north on I-93 to Exit 23) – only a stone throw farther.

If you find that you have to travel Friday and Sunday there are plenty of places to eat and explore before the PodCamp begins and after it ends on Sunday. Remember to reserve your Saturday night for our after party, however, as it is an intimate chance to really meet each other. There will be more information about this as the event nears. The cute town of Ashland and it’s Main Street of Shops and Restaurants are a short drive from the School – one exit up to Exit 24. The Comfort Inn Hotel is at the same exit. The (original) Common Man, Bullwinkles Bar and Grill are two great Restaurants at this exit. We understand that there is always something going on in New Hampshire and this weekend is no different which is why places to stay may be few and far between.

If you are the outdoorsy type there are hiking trails and campgrounds, places to fish, tree top tours all within a few more exits. There is a Water park, Safari rides and even a train ride through the mountains. There are places to camp nearby complete with cabins, swimming pools, and even playgrounds for the family.

There is also our give away to all of our attendees: gift cards to the Tilton Outlets, so you can go shopping while in the area.

So join us for the entire weekend including a packed and exciting day of great learning and fun at Podcamp NH!

Seek, Share, Succeed

PodCamps were created as the unique unconference which allows all of the attendees to be session leaders.  This makes PodCamp NH the place to Seek, Share, and Succeed. With a wide variety of sessions from Blogging to Photography there is something for everyone to learn.

Seek. Whether you are searching for new projects, creative ideas, collaborators, smart new business practices or just a different avenue to take your business, you can learn it at PodCamp. Maybe you are looking for a new project or a motivation to start a project that has been on your mind. Maybe you would like to learn a new skill. Maybe you would just like to seek out new connections.

PodCamps have always been a sharing community. We share communication; we share our knowledge. Everyone contributes.

In the end after a weekend at PodCamp you will feel that you have succeeded at something. It could be the idea or a project that you wanted to create. Maybe it was a new skill you wanted to learn. It could be that you wanted to return home with no business cards left.

I found a great strength in the PodCamps I have attended. I learned a lot. I have been motivated to write blogs. I learned how to make a web show. I learned better Photography. I met hundreds of people. And that is just the beginning to why I attend podcamps.

But I want you to be motivated to learn something new, meet new people, and have a fun weekend.

I want, WE want you to Seek, Share, and Succeed.

Welcome 2010 PodCampers!

We are so excited to see you starting to sign up to attend, sponsor or lead a session for this year’s PodCamp NH! We can’t even begin to fully express how phenomenal this event is going to be, especially with the added element of dorm life to foster even closer bonds and extended learning and teaching and creating for those who can stay. We also hope that the availability of the dorms at a low rate makes it easier for our friends from PodCamps all over the world to come and be part of this unique experience with us.

PodCamp NH 2010 is the second PodCamp here in NH, and most assuredly the most unique. We are opening our arms to everyone, not just social media types, because social media is simply part of the lexicon now. We want the techies, the coders, the creatives (film, music, photography, art, design, etc), the comedians, the marketers, the psychologists… the list goes on. We want to help everyone add these tools to what they do, learn new things, and grow.

This is YOUR PodCamp. You can sign up for sessions and see proposed sessions on the sessions tab (above), to sponsor on the sponsor tab. If you don’t want dorm life, there is a list of hotels under travel (though none have offered to match the spectacular dorm rate yet!). Registration is open over on Eventbrite.  Of note, we know it’s on Father’s Day weekend, and we encourage you to bring your children and parents during the day by using the Day Pass option. We have limited dorm accommodations so those overnight tickets are reserved for the adults. There is plenty of room at this one for everyone to grab one of the types of tickets and be part of it, and we even hope that some of the younger and older generations might want to lead sessions as well.

Meanwhile, here is a taste of what’s already on deck for this fabulous event:

  • Battledecks
  • Quidditch on the lush school grounds
  • Live music to inspire and entertain
  • Improv on a live stage
  • Education + Technology, Social and New Media
  • Government + Technology, Social and New Media
  • Health + Technology, Social and New Media
  • Blogging, All Levels of Expertise
  • PodCasting, All Levels of Expertise
  • Music + Technology, Social and New Media
  • Film + Technology, Social and New Media
  • Video for the Web
  • Collaborative Economies
  • Adaptive Media for Small and Medium Business
  • What can YOU teach? What do YOU want to learn?
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    Week in Review, Announcements: NHMM, SMBNH, PodCamp, Dominos, Twitter Connect, AmazonFail

    One of my quick audio posts to get the thoughts out of my brain and onto the page. Enjoy!

    Also, please note there is NO Topics on Fire tonight!

    April Events, Podcasts and Classes

    Uptown Uncorked has a lot going on in the way of lunch and learn sessions, networking events, podcasts and more in April. We want to achieve our goals of connecting people, improving how you use the tools you have and teaching you what you need to know to drive your self or your business to a new level. We will be bringing you more and more real life classes, podcasts and web based classes to help you stay informed and learn new things that will help you succeed.

    POSTPONED Continuing the focus on hyper local learning and real time reaching out, we are starting Lunch and Learn sessions on some of the topics we get asked about the most. The first of these is on April 18th at Rick’s Pond View (no walk ins, EventBrite signup or email me if you need to pay cash at the door), and is a class on how to keep your kids safe online. (Hashtag #KIDSAFENH)

    Also in the hyper local category is the next Social Media Breakfast NH on April 17th (no walk ins, EventBrite signup only). University of New Hampshire (UNH) has generously offered to sponsor this event. This, the third Social Media Breakfast NH, is all about education and social media. We will have two speakers, and then instead of a third speaker we’ll do an open Q&A that will allow the educators present to pick our brains and learn from us in real time. (Hashtag #SMBNH)

    Another upcoming event is the next podcast: Topics on Fire, Episode 15: Inbound/Viral Marketing. That will be on TalkShoe next Sunday 4/19 at 10:00PM EDT. You can follow the call here to get a reminder when it will start sent to your email inbox. (Hashtag #TOF)Last Topics on Fire Episode was on Music and Social Media. Have a listen:

    There are more classes in the lunch and learn series coming, and more events planned. Stay tuned as we keep finding ways to share knowledge with you and foster connections.

    Tonight’s the Night to Talk About Music and Social Media

    Update: The podcast was a blast. Thanks to Joe, Flint, Carla and Matthew for participating and sharing your knowledge of music from all levels and a variety of aspects of the industry. Panelists, please feel free to grab the embed for your blog or profile – just link back here:

    Original post: Topics on Fire is on its 14th episode. I’m so happy at the support it receives from people, and pleased when I hear that you all learned something from an episode, or just plain had fun. So far the two most popular episodes have been Part Two of the Gender Gap and Social Media/Technology and the New Year, New You episode.

    Tonight we talk about one of my favorite topics, music and social media. I am honored to have long time friend and musician Flint Mavis as one of our panelists. He has one foot in each side of the equation as a MySpace account executive and session guitarist in Los Angeles. He has been heard wailing his axe in several bands over the years. Also joining us is new friend Joe Marrapodi from Get Rare. You all may know Joe best as friend and manager to Pete Yorn, but through Get Rare I had the pleasure to get to know Joe recently before the WERS 60th Anniversary show in Boston. Carla Lynne Hall will also be on our panel. She is a musician and music blogger (Her blog is Rock Star Life Lessons) and someone I connect with frequently on Twitter. A champion of indie music, she has loads of great advice for musicians looking to make their way online. Piano rocker Matthew Ebel will be on as well. He is known for using social media and the internet to book gigs and sell his music direct to his fans. The other panelists will be announced closer to the start time.

    I hope to see you all there! It’s on TalkShoe at 10PM Eastern Time tonight, 3/29.

    Topics on Fire Episode 14: Music and Social Media

    We took a bit of a break on Topics on Fire in February for some writing deadlines and new clients, but we are back and in full swing. Next week’s episode is on Music and Social Media. I have some very interesting guests coming on, including managers of musicians signed under major labels, music writers, and local musicians. Watch my Twitter for details on who’ll be joining me. You can tune in 3/29  at 10 PM Eastern on TalkShoe.

    Geek Force Five Interview

    I did an informal interview with E Christopher Clark, author of Those Little Bastads and the mind behind Geek Force Five, earlier this week. He called to talk about Twitter, celebrity and other social media topics but we ended up talking about much more than that! Check it out.

    Call for Panelists, Topics on Fire

    I’m sending out a call for panelists for upcoming episodes of Topics on Fire. If you fit the bill and want to participate in one of my bi-weekly 10PM Sunday night podcasts, let me know in the comments, via email or in a Twitter direct message.

    Topics on Fire, Episode 13: Social Media and Relationships

    How is social media having an impact on your online and offline relationships? What are some things you can do to safeguard your non-tech based friendships, loves and family dynamics? What can you do to enhance your online relationships with real people? Note: this is about personal relationships, not B2C relationships.

    Current panel includes myself as moderator and author and podcaster Tee Morris plus networking coach Diane Darling as panelists. Slots available for more panelists.

    Topics on Fire, Episode 14: Social Media and Finances

    We’ll be tapping some of your favorite social media and online finance thought leaders to help you navigate the choppy economic days ahead. Topics we will be touching on: using social media tools to stay informed about changes in the economy and to find resources to understand what they mean for you, social media budget tools, juggling the costs of maintaining a web presence in a down economy, online money tools, online loan info, making financial judgment calls online, and more.

    Current panel includes myself as moderator. Chris Penn of Financial Aid Podcast may be joining us, schedule permitting. Slots available for more panelists.

    Do you have a topic idea for a future episode? Let me know. I like for the episodes to touch on social media in some way, but as you can see by our recent forays into fashion and wine, the connection is allowed to be a bit loose. This is all about having some fun while getting valuable opinion and information, after all!

    Topics on Fire, Episode 12: Wine Online at 4:30 EST Today

    WINE is the subject of Episode 12 of Topics on Fire today, 1/18, at 4:30 PM EST. We’ll be discussing it from a wine maker, wine seller and wine drinker’s point of view. We’ll cover how wineries and distributors can market it online and using social media; how wine lovers can find wine events, wines and fellow winer lovers online; promoting wine events online; buying wine online and more.

    Panelists include Emilio Saez Van Eerd of La Casa De Las Vides winery in spain (hence the one-time time change interfering with your football watching – trust me, it is so worth it!), Dale Cruse of Drinks Are on Me wine blog, Craig Drollett of Bin Ends Wine sales and tasting and Michael Cochran of Cult Vines boutique direct to consumer winery. I’m excited to talk wine with all of you, so put those football games on DVR or TiVo and spend an hour with us, won’t you?

    UPDATE: Here is the embedded audio from the podcast. I’ll have the links from the chat room up as well shortly, so check back!