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Government 2.0 Topics on Fire Recap

We had a great podcast, during which we touched on themes of implementation of social media in a bureaucracy, the push for transparent government, the push back from outdated systems, how the President-elect may be hampered by existing rules and how he might effect real change and cause a trickle down effect. We also touched on privacy issues, who and what government people and entities are active in the social media space around the world, and ways the public could help install transparency, as well as realistic expectations of the roll out of government 2.0 as a reality. Please listen to the entire podcast for the full effect – my guest panelists Leslie Bradshaw, Triston McIntyre, Justin Herman, Andrea Baker, and Alan Silberberg were fantastic! I have included the file here, and have put the unedited links from the chat room and podcast below the embedded audio for you to check out.

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It’s been a monumental week here, with many presentations, events and meetings planned in the coming weeks. This is just an overview of what we’re up to and where you can find us:

Topics on Fire, Episode 8: Race and Social Media/Technology

Fantastic panel tonight – the episode is embedded below:

Topics On Fire: Episode 5, Education and New Media

Topics on Fire, Episode 5: Education and Social Media/Technology on Sunday, September 21st at 11:00 PM Eastern on TalkShoe

Tonight’s podcast will be a good one! We’ll be discussing education and new media, social media and technology with Dave LaMorte, John Herman and E. Christopher Clark.

I’m hoping to cover a lot of ground in an hour, so I won’t be opening up the phone lines until the recording is over. I know I usually let listeners call in ten minutes before the end, and I will be doing that again in the next podcast (part two of the gender gap topic). Our panelists are all active educators and need their rest for Monday morning school. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you can’t come participate in the lively chat room. We can see it while in the call and can handle questions live on air that way.

If you want to be notified of future podcasts, sign up for a TalkShoe account and “follow” the call. I send a reminder the day of the call to those who follow it.

See you there!

NOTE: We also have a new forum to give you a place to carry the discussions from the podcasts over into the real world, submit topic ideas, talk about social media, promote events, etc. You can SIGN UP FOR THE NEW FORUM right here.

Tonight’s Call:

Next Topics on Fire continues the conversation on Gender Gap and Technology, this time focusing on solutions and not rehashing the problem:

10/5 11PM Eastern Topics on Fire: Episode 6, Gender Gap and Technology Part 2 (Panelists: Corvida, Leslie Bradshaw, Micah Baldwin, Meg Fowler, Jen Nedeau)

Future episodes and panelists include:

10/19 11PM Eastern Topics on Fire: Episode 7, Politics and Technology (Leslie Bradshaw)