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Video Markets Expanding

Two news items popped up this week that I’m liking and that indicate some interesting crossover not only in platforms but in online and offline audiences thanks to some new tools and some big name companies embracing user generated content.

While YouTube is moving away from the user generated content and organic discovery that made it so interesting (as is Cisco, with its closing of the Flip cam division that we discussed earlier this week), and that made it the powerhouse it is today in favor of commercial, channeled content paid for by corporations and syndicates, Apple, Netflix and Google are thinking far ahead of branded channels and embracing the user.  Apple in particular is rumored to be building a video based model designed to compete with both YouTube and Google’s Google TV efforts [full article in Forbes].

One key comment in the article, that Agencies want curated channels, stands out for me. Agencies may want it, but users are crying out on social sites for a la carte TV and web video where THEY are in charge of what they watch, and where it is truly affordable, not some outdated Nielsen rating system or brand.  Because of this, I think users will continue to flock to solutions that let them choose their own content, and that whatever company can pull it off well, and make it easy for them (as opposed to the high learning curve involved in creating your own a la carte television and video experience as it stands now with tools like Boxee and others) will win.  This makes me excited to see Apple jumping into this arena – they are well known for making fabulous user interfaces and focusing on usable design – the geek in me can’t wait to see what they do with TV once they leave behind the idea of Apple TV, etc as a “hobby”.

With Netflix adding in a user generated component, the user could have some exciting choices coming up. Netflix has a bit more clunky interface than Apple and as yet no way to divide your account into family members so your ratings and recently viewed don’t get contaminated with other people’s tastes, but it has the advantage of currently being integrated into more places like PlayStation 3, etc.  This could bring some interesting options to the table for the content generators that are willing to create semi branded content as opposed to full on content channels.

As someone with one foot in marketing, I know why brands want their own branded channels, but as a user as well, I think that is taking the easy way out.  I’d be much more intrigued to see the brands that find a way to conquer the market with great content without having to hold the users hostage to one channel to do it.  What is your favorite brand creating video successfully without holding users hostage to a branded channel right now? Can you think of any?




Incorporating Video Tools for Non-Tech Savvy Team Members

One of the things you have to plan for as a consultant in this space is the client team member who is not technologically savvy or who is technology resistant. You need to include them in your strategy, but do it in a way that meshes well with the rest of the team and supports the overall integration and strategy.

One way I’ve found to do this, and to lower their learning curve, has historically been to incorporate the use of Flip Cameras as video tools instead of trying to onramp the technology reluctant into becoming smartphone or tablet savvy. This allows for push button video on the fly, something easy to master for even the least technologically oriented. Another helpful factor of using the pocket video cameras with USB and wireless capability is the chance to prevent in the moment uploads when you need to control the timing of your brand message, need to obtain permission to show people in the video before posting, or to us the camera as a teaching tool for tagging and titles.

Recently Cisco announced it was discontinuing my favorite camera to recommend for this purpose, the Flip Cam. It came in a variety of options and price points for all budgets. I still hold out hope that they will simply sell off this popular division, however, you can still use other portable cameras in the mean time. This post from the Wall Street Journal provides a nice short list of similar options and ratings.

Registration Open for SMBNH March

Register for Social Media Breakfast NH # 10 in Concord, NH  on Eventbrite

NOTE: THE EVENT IS ON March 19, 2010.

Ticket sales end on 3/18 in the evening. Do not confuse the Eventbrite ticket end date with the event date! 


This month’s Social Media Breakfast is brought to you by Magnitude Media, DimDim, and Granite State Independent Living in Concord, NH.

You already know about M2, since we are the breakfast maestro each month, and DimDim, who handles the periodic live casting of the breakfasts (note: this breakfast will not be live cast). Let me tell you a bit about our venue:

Founded in 1980, Granite State Independent Living (GSIL) is a statewide nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote life with independence for people with disabilities and those experiencing the natural process of aging through advocacy, information, education and support.

GSIL is a statewide nonprofit, service, and advocacy organization that provides tools for living life on your terms – so you can navigate your own life and participate as fully as you choose in your community, just like everyone else.



Theme for the 10th Social Media Breakfast: Using Multi Media To Amp Up Your Social Media Efforts

The tenth Social Media Breakfast NH (hashtag #smbnh) will be all about topics related to Using Multi Media in Social Media. In this struggling economy and shifting paradigm we need to be working together to be more successful and better weather the storm. We should be pulling in all aspects of technology, new media, old media and social media to succeed. This  meeting will help us lay the foundation for a richer, better education, tech and new media community in NH.  

In addition to Leslie Poston (myself), who will be your host and MC for the morning, you will have three speakers giving three brief presentations on topics relating to the theme for the morning. 


Opening Remarks by Leslie Poston (SMBNH founder)

Welcome Remarks by Granite State Independent Living

Anthony Liang (UNH) and Brendan Pelletier (Plymouth State) will be giving us the student perspective on using audio multi media and podcasting in your social media efforts

Dan Freund, Producer at Kinney Hill and master mind behind Short Stream TV, will be showcasing how to use video effectively in a social media effort

Cappy Popp, co-founder of Thought Labs and author of Essential Facebook Development, will be talking about the metrics and methods of multi media in an overall campaign

This is going to be a great breakfast!

Social Media Breakfast History

On seeing growing demand in this area, I decided to fill the need with a new branch of the nationwide Social Media Breakfast in NH. It isn’t that we don’t love Boston, because we do, but our neighbor to the north is rich in technology and social media, and often overlooked when events are planned. I saw a need for networking opportunities that were easier to get to for the northern tech and social media crowd, and decided to step up and fill it. Because NH itself is a diverse and scattered state, the Social Media Breakfast there will be just a little bit different than the one in Cambridge/Boston. Our first meeting was in January 2009, and was a roaring success.

What is a Social Media Breakfast?

From the official description: The Social Media Breakfast was founded by Bryan Person in August 2007 as an event where social media experts and newbies alike come together to eat, meet, share, and learn. Marketers, PR pros, entrepreneurs, bloggers, podcasters, new-media fanatics, and online social networkers are all welcome to attend.

The breakfast series began in Boston and has now spread to more than a dozen cities throughout the United States and around the world.

How will the Social Media Breakfast in NH be different?

The main difference between Social Media Breakfast NH and other SMBs will be all-inclusiveness. I do not want only social media people and companies to attend, I also want technology types, programmers, coders, tech writers, tech companies and more to attend. As a state that is rich in technology but scattered in distance, I think the best networking and connection making effect will be achieved by combined our different cultures. You never know, as a social media type you might just meet the coder you’ve been looking for to create your dream project if we all come together to connect and to learn from each other!


Let’s make SMBNH crackle with energy and success! See you there!

Week in Review, Announcements: NHMM, SMBNH, PodCamp, Dominos, Twitter Connect, AmazonFail

One of my quick audio posts to get the thoughts out of my brain and onto the page. Enjoy!

Also, please note there is NO Topics on Fire tonight!

Video Podcast Recap, Topics on Fire

Please enjoy the audio recording embedded below of this fantastic podcast on all things video with Steve Garfield, John Herman Tim Street and David Tames. The links from the episode are below the audio embed.

Links from this episode:

David Tames Mac Coolant Leak Video
CNN iReport Top Three Hurricane Kyle Reports via Steve Garfield
Learn Videoblogging via Steve Garfield.  Warning: Video plays when page loads.
David Tames Book Recommendation (buy it used): Editing Techniques with Final Cut Pro (2nd Edition)
by Michael Wohl
Teenage Tourettes Camp 10‘ had a happy ending. Great doccumentary via Steve Garfield
The Carol and Steve Show: Episode 29 – The Porch, Part 1
Spices of Life via Steve Garfield
John Herman likes Mogulus
Steve Garfield and David Tames recommend tools Qik, Vimeo, BlipTV, TubeMogul
David Tames Practical Sound Recording and Editing Techniques For Better Video
John Herman’s strange new show, OddNogginLand
Steve Garfield invites all to Boston Media Makers
Tim Street’s thoughts on monetizing video at his blog
David Tames blog Contact info
Good LA Times article on Tim Street
John Herman invites all to NH Media Makers
David Tames Documentary Video Bootcamp Course at MassArt
John Herman’s site
Steve Garfield’s site
M J Carrasquillo site (participant from chat room)
Leslie Poston’s sites bio, blog, work

Upcoming Episodes:

Next episodes are all a bit light in tone – hey, it’s the holidays! Let’s have a little fun with our online world.

12/14/08 10PM EST Online Shopping Tips, Tricks, and Sources with several guests, including a possible cameo from SavvyAuntie

Break for Christmas/New Year’s Eve – Happy Holidays

1/4/09 10PM EST New Year, New You – fashion and image advice for the sartorial internet and social media lover with panelists Dmitri Gunn, Jamey Sheuy, Thomas Edwards and possibly Scott Monty if he is available

1/18/09 10PM EST Marketing and Enjoying Wine Online – all of the ways to find, sell, market, and enjoy wine online with panelists Cata Vino, Emilio Seaz ven Eerd from Las Casa de las Vides, Craig Dollett from Bin Ends Wine and many more

Topics on Fire can be followed at this link to receive notices when a new episode is about to air.

It’s All About Video on Tonight’s Topics on Fire

NOTE: recap and embedded file coming tomorrow.

Tonight marks Episode TEN of Topics on Fire, and it is going to be a good one, folks. Do stop by to hear Steve Garfield, John Herman, Tim Street and others discuss online video and how they do what they do, from creating interactive television series like Gravityland, to getting featured on the BBC as a citizen journalist to monetizing online video and everything in between. I’m pretty excited for this panel, and I hope to see you there.

Please note the NEW TIME for Topics on Fire, 10PM Eastern, by popular request.

Again, that’s Topics on Fire tonight at 10PM EST with @stevegarfield @johnherman @1timstreet etc about VIDEO – pass it on!

Testing Qik for the HTC Mogul

The folks at Qik heard my plea for a version of Qik that worked on my HTC Mogul, and offered me a beta to test. I just got it, so I need to leave the house and do something interesting to really test it, but you can follow me here in the meantime. I have set Qik to update my Twitter stream when I have a stream going as well.

So far I can say that the installation went without a hitch, and my silly wee hours test video of my MacBook and shamefully messy desk posted rapidly – no trouble with the streaming to web at all. Giving my video a title was also a snap with the HTC Mogul’s touchscreen in action. The video quality of the HTC is a bit substandard, but that is an HTC issue, not a Qik one.

Look for updates to this post as I test it further, but so far, so good.