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Individual Mentoring, A New Way To Learn How to Navigate Social Media

By popular request I’m starting to offer a new service here, Individual Mentoring. Authors, musicians, comedians, actors, contractors, bloggers, self employed sole proprietors, or just people looking to figure out the occasionally overwhelming sea of social media sites and applications can now have me help them figure it all out. Think of it as having your own personal guide for where you need to be online, how to be online and the best use of your time while there.

Individual mentoring is something I get asked for more often than almost any other service I offer. I understand – when someone like Ben Grossman* talks about the need for a social media aggregation program and uses a series of three jam-packed slides that show only a partial list of the social media possibilities out there overwhelming people, the need for help learning what would be the best tools for you and how to use them for what you need without consuming your life or annoying people with things like link spam while you learn becomes clear. It’s easy for someone who isn’t an “early adopter” type to give up before you really get a chance to start playing with the possibilities because there is just so much to choose from.

What does Individual Mentoring entail? After we decide to go forward, an initial comprehensive evaluation of what you need, your goals, your available time to commit to maintaining your social media presence and more. I’ll use this to create a custom program for you to follow so you can jump start your use of social media. I will then keep an eye on you and give you pointers here and there on how you are doing and what could be better – teaching you how to engage people online using the platform or platforms that work best for you in the time you have to do it. You’ll find that after a short time you will take to it like a duck to water, and not only will you be able to fly on your own, you’ll probably be branching out in to other aspects of social media – once you understand it you find yourself using it more and more. The benefits to you come in the form of brand recognition (personal and business brand), contacts and network building, interest building, and often indirect monetary benefits (on occasion direct sales, but social media is more about indirect monetary benefits).

If you think you or your small business would benefit from Individual mentoring, give me a shout via email or call me at 800.501.4049

*Ben’s slides, Creative Commons Licensed, used with permission