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Restaurant Basics: Online Engagement

We talked about the challenge of inserting adaptive media into your restaurant time crunch. It’s difficult to see where you can fit it in when you are holding down 100 hour weeks trying to keep your dream afloat in a tough economy. Even if you don’t have time to do your campaign yet, you should still be present in the social web space.

If you do nothing else, make yourself aware of where you are online. We’re looking for you where we are already, as potential customers.

• Have a Facebook Fan Page, not a personal profile for your business. (And make sure you enable your business page wall to show everyone’s posts, not just yours.)

• Claim your business on Foursquare, Gowalla (and other location based services). Don’t know what I’m talking about? Google “location based services”.

• Claim your business on review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor and more. Sure it’s scary to let people be honest, but it also gives you room for improvement to be available on these sites.

• Pay attention to your customers. Listen to them talking about what they do online. Do they love email in your establishment? Go with Constant Contact or Blue Sky Factory and do email campaigns. Do they text constantly while they sit and eat? You need  or a text based awareness service. Listen. Your customers are giving you clues.

These are what I would consider the basics right now in social media for a restaurant. Things you can do on your own with very little technical knowledge. Even with low to no engagement, doing these things will passively help your business by making it easier for those of us who do engage to share when we interact with your establishment in some way.

Topics on Fire, Episode 12: Wine Online at 4:30 EST Today

WINE is the subject of Episode 12 of Topics on Fire today, 1/18, at 4:30 PM EST. We’ll be discussing it from a wine maker, wine seller and wine drinker’s point of view. We’ll cover how wineries and distributors can market it online and using social media; how wine lovers can find wine events, wines and fellow winer lovers online; promoting wine events online; buying wine online and more.

Panelists include Emilio Saez Van Eerd of La Casa De Las Vides winery in spain (hence the one-time time change interfering with your football watching – trust me, it is so worth it!), Dale Cruse of Drinks Are on Me wine blog, Craig Drollett of Bin Ends Wine sales and tasting and Michael Cochran of Cult Vines boutique direct to consumer winery. I’m excited to talk wine with all of you, so put those football games on DVR or TiVo and spend an hour with us, won’t you?

UPDATE: Here is the embedded audio from the podcast. I’ll have the links from the chat room up as well shortly, so check back!

Topics on Fire, Episode 11: New Year, New You

If you have ever wondered what to wear to those social media events when dress code is not specified, how to dress for any occasion, how to look and feel successful, or just how to navigate the choppy waters of being the best you possible, then tonight’s podcast is for you.

Usually we discuss heavier issues relating to social media and technology on Topics on Fire. Issues like gender, race, cross generational work flow, education and more. But since 2008 was a rough year for many and we are all looking for a better 2009, I thought what better way to start us off than to take a bit of a departure from the usual themes and bring some of the best dressed men in (and formerly in) Boston to give you some advice on making some real, concrete changes and improvements for the coming year?

Each of the men joining me on our panel tonight is a shining sartorial example of how to look your best, as well as how to be the best you possible. They also appreciate the finer things, like wine, scotch and cigars, and want to share that knowledge with you. In keeping with the podcast’s overall theme, we’ll manage to get some tips relating to social media in there, I’m sure, but most of this episode will be about sharing their knowledge and helping you.

The panelists include Scott Monty of Ford Motor Co., Thomas Edwards of Project Infinity, Jamie Scheu of Hill Holliday and Dmitri Gunn, man of mystery. I will be moderating, and there will be a lively chat room going on as well.

Won’t you stop by TalkShoe tonight at 10PM Eastern to hear @scottmonty @dmitrigunn @scheuguy and @recklessstudio on the New Year, New You episode of Topics on Fire?