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#wishlist Twitter Meme (Like Freecycle, But Twitteriffic)

This is a tight holiday season for many of us, but we can turn the tide and bring joy to each other. Here’s the idea: list an item you’d like, but can’t afford. If someone has it in their attic or basement and would like to donate it to you, you pay only to have it shipped (or go pick it up if you are close enough). I know many people are in need of food and basic necessities and can’t afford the fun and games of the holidays. This may be a way to bring that fun back in to the season, help your Twitter neighbor find their smile, and clean out your attic, all at once.

Post your wish list item and tag it #wishlist with a link back to this post for the rules. If someone has it, they should reply to you with an open @ message, also tagged #wishlist. That way we can cross your item off our list of searches. Once you get that initial @ take it to DM to work out the shipping details.

If you successfully find an item or give and item, come back here and let us know in the comments.

I can’t wait to see what the awesome people of Twitter do with this idea, since you all usually take a simple idea and blow it out of the water with awesomeness.