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Social Media Breakfast NH #2: Now on 3/27

An update for everyone on the state of the SMB NH # 2: It won’t be in Portsmouth on 3/20. The road blocks to getting this going in Portsmouth were astronomical, and in the end I decided to stick with one of the two more welcoming cities I’ve been working with: Manchester and Kingston. To that end the new date and location for SMB NH # 2 is March 27th in Kingston, NH.

I put up an EventBrite page for sponsor sign ups here: I’m looking for 2 sponsors (or one willing to take both slots) at $500 each. I am confirming the three speakers I had on the new date now – keep your eyes peeled for that announcement later as well. I’ll open up regular registration once I know if I have one or two sponsors.

The theme is still loosely Government 2.0. The speakers I have are going to be discussing things like clean air initiatives and how they’ve worked with governments and municipalities to make them happen as well as how public works is using social media to reach out to the people in their communities. It should be educational, and I’d like to encourage you to invite your local government officials to sign up – you don’t have to be in social media to gain or share knowledge this month.

The venue is a restaurant owned by a new client of mine, Rick’s Pond View. It does have WiFi, but as always I encourage speakers to bring a copy of their presentation on flash drive or CD in case the WiFi gets overloaded, as sometimes happens when you have many iPhones and laptops running. It is located right on the 125 in Kingston (92 Rte 125), ten minutes north of I 495, ten minutes south of Hwy 101 and at or near the juncture of Rts 111, 107, and 108. 30 minutes from Manchester and Portsmouth, 20 from Newburyport and Amesbury, 15 from Haverhill and 45 from Boston.

I’ll announce the sign up page link later today.

Social Media Breakfast NH # 1 Final Details

I am excited at the response from everyone in the NH tech, new media and social media community for Social Media Breakfasts in NH. We found two sponsors for the event: the venue and AV equipment sponsor Southern NH University and the food and beverage sponsor DimDim. Thanks to their generosity we were able to offer space for up to 80 people for free.

As of this moment we have 80 people booked and another 35 on the waiting list. That is huge! Thank you for the support for this big, crazy idea I had of bringing the SMB family of events to NH! I would ask that if you are on the official list of attendees who registered on the official registration page here and you can not come, please let me know via email or DM by Thursday so I can pass your spot on to someone else on the waiting list. If you aren’t sure if you registered, please look on the EventBrite page here. We’ll be checking names against the list at the door on Friday.

For Parking

A campus/parking map is available here. The event is in the “Hospitality Center” which is marked as #24 on the map. That’s immediately on your right after coming into the north entrance to SNHU. The parking area for the event is Lot #2 which is just on your left after coming in the north entrance.

Update on Parking from SNHU via Twitter: New map for Social Media Breakfast. Use driveway beside Building #7 on -park in any lot near Hospitality Bldg #smbnh <- current as of 2/19

Livecasting and Internet

That’s right, DimDim will be live casting the event on their site (LiveCast Link, Do NOT Log In Until After 7:45AM 2/20 – It Will Not Be Active Until Then!!!)! If you missed the registration cut off, you will still be able to see the event from wherever you are. There will also be WiFi internet available, a password and user name for which will be handed out at sign in on Friday. As with any internet connection, if you are a speaker, please bring a back up of your presentation in case technical difficulties happen.


In addition to myself, who will be your host and MC for the morning, you will have three speakers giving three brief presentations on topics relating to the theme for the morning: Building Bridges. As you know, I promote reaching out beyond the occasionally myopic world of social media to include and educate (and be educated by) other fields that we work with and for. To that end, I’m pleased with our three speakers and their topics. They are: Jen Zingsheim, Vice President, Products and Services for Custom Scoop, who will be discussing building bridges between old media and new media; David Hurlburt, Executive Producer for WMUR News Channel 9 who will be discussing the hurdles faced as an old media company trying to incorporate a social media strategy and the effect it has had on the employees and work load; and Wayne Kurtzman, Senior Marketing Analyst for Hello Direct, who will be discussing going from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy and the strategies and struggles we face in the change in systems.


We will begin at 8:00 AM Eastern with breakfast buffet and mingling until about 8:45 AM. We’ll then kick things off with Jen Zingsheim, followed by Wayne Kurtzman and then David Hurlburt. Each speaker will have up to 10 minutes to present, followed by a few minutes of questions and answers. After that we’ll break for more mingling and to give you a chance to meet the speakers and each other one on one before returning to our offices for the day. I’m excited, and I can’t wait to see some of you again and to meet others for the first time. If you have questions, just DM me or email me before the event.

Announcing: Social Media Breakfast in NH

Over the last few weeks I’ve been quietly planning and plotting a new branch of the nationwide Social Media Breakfast in NH. It isn’t that we don’t love Boston, because we do, but our neighbor to the north is rich in technology and social media, and often overlooked when events are planned. I saw a need for networking opportunities that were easier to get to for the northern tech and social media crowd, and decided to step up and fill it. Because NH itself is a diverse and scattered state, the Social Media Breakfast there will be just a little bit different than the one in Cambridge/Boston.

What is a Social Media Breakfast?

From the official description: The Social Media Breakfast was founded by Bryan Person in August 2007 as an event where social media experts and newbies alike come together to eat, meet, share, and learn. Marketers, PR pros, entrepreneurs, bloggers, podcasters, new-media fanatics, and online social networkers are all welcome to attend.

The breakfast series began in Boston and has now spread to more than a dozen cities throughout the United States and around the world.

How will the Social Media Breakfast in NH be different?

The main difference between Social Media Breakfast NH and other SMBs will be all-inclusiveness. I do not want only social media people and companies to attend, I also want technology types, programmers, coders, tech writers, tech companies and more to attend. As a state that is rich in technology but scattered in distance, I think the best networking and connection making effect will be achieved by combined our different cultures. You never know, as a social media type you might just meet the coder you’ve been looking for to create your dream project if we all come together to connect and to learn from each other!

Planning the First Social Media Breakfast NH

The first Social Media Breakfast NH (hashtag #smbnh) will be in February. I will be announcing a date and venue shortly, as well as calling for speakers and sponsors. If you’d like to sponsor, contact me via email or the phone number in the navigation bar above and we can talk specifics.

Important note: To honor the fact that NH is spread out quite a bit, and the fact that our friends in surrounding states (ME, VT) are welcome to attend, I will be moving the location each time. That way people who may have to drive a little further for one month’s breakfast can look forward to their turn for driving less for a future meeting, and people who don’t live close to each other and wouldn’t normally meet will be able to meet people out of their area as well. To that end, feel free to email me your favorite local venue for consideration. It needs to hold between 50 and 100 people, be able to serve continental style breakfast, and have WiFi and wall space for projectors if people bring slides to show.

Things we need currently: A reliable source for projectors. I do not own a projector, and I want to be covered in case our presenters’ projectors have technical glitches. Also, sponsors for the first SMBNH and future SMBNH. Feel free to submit comments telling me themes you’d like to cover as well – each breakfast will have speakers and address issues important to social media and technology.

I am excited about this project, and hope that those of you in NH are as well. I look forward to your emails and comments with ideas, venue possibilities and more.