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The “Pick My Brain” Experiment

I get asked several times a day to meet for “picking my brain”. When I do have time (which is rare) and get to help someone, I get told “You should make this a service you offer!” I tweeted that out tongue in cheek today, and the response via DM and email to really make it a service was immediate.

So, you asked for it, you got it.



No further bookings will be accepted for this service at that point, so if you’ve been procrastinating, act now.

The Scoop:



“Let me take you out to [insert beverage type or meal] and pick your brain about something” has to be the thing I get asked the most.

I’m flattered to be considered pick-worthy, but one of the reasons you want to ask me questions is that I’m good at what I do and that takes time (and time is money, so to speak), which leaves little time for the simpler requests. So many people suggested I make the request into a service, I thought I’d take them up on it. At the moment this is a limited time experiment. We’ll see how it goes and if it makes actually doing my job more difficult, or if it is something we all enjoy. See below for cost.

Tell me a bit about you, and about why you want to Pick My Brain. Then schedule one of my available appointment times.

Legal stuff:

1) This is advice only. I can’t be held responsible for you deciding to use my advice for nefarious deeds and schemes. It’s intended to help you be better at what you need to be better at.

2) Sometimes I won’t be able to answer something if it falls under an NDA. Some of my clients require these little gems of legal silence. I’ll let you know that’s why if this happens and the genie will grant you another wish. Er, I mean, I’ll answer a different question.

3) I can’t create an entire strategy for your organization in an hour knowing not much about how you work as a whole, what your goals are, etc. That’s not what this is for. This is intended for questions I *can* answer in an hour. Think ahead to what matters most to you to know RIGHT NOW.

I hope this helps you out and allows me to give some nice people the advice they need at a price they can afford and in a way that doesn’t eat my schedule alive. 🙂