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One Big Family Helping One Small Family

You all know how I feel about effecting real world change with social media, sharing our successes with others and helping out on and off line. Even so, I am still able to be wowed and floored by the generosity of my social media community. Domestic violence is an issue near to my heart, and this week the people in my ever growing social media family helped a strangers family start a new life able to move past it.

Sure, I gave, and plan to give a little more this weekend. But the point here is that you gave. We all did. And because of that, because someone reached out for our help through David Armano, our friend and colleague, and we answered their call, they get the freedom to live violence-free that everyone deserves. You can read the full story over on Logic + Emotion, and see the ChipIn widget there also if you’d like to donate, but suffice to say your generosity made it possible to raise nearly $14000 in 24 hours to help someone in need. You? Are Awesome.

Giving Back in 2009 Just Got Easier With Microdonations

In 2008 I was lucky to find many ways to give back to my community and my favorite charities. Not only that, I was introduced to your favorite charities and given ways to help them out as well. This was all made possible by the power of the internet and social media. As part of that, Mashable lent me their platform and readers to kick off a Real World Change 2.0 series on all of the ways we could support social giving and become involved in our community.

The final installment of the series on Mashable hit today, a list of places where people with tight budgets can find a way to give back, whether it is 50 cents or thousands of dollars. These are called microdonations, and you can see 8 popular microdonation sites and some of the related charities, such as Well Wishes, SM4SC (Social Media 4 Social Change) and The Staley Foundation there as well to find out how, and who, you can help. The full article on microdonations is here.

The Real World Change 2.0 Series covered a variety of topics in 2008 over on Mashable. The complete Real World Change 2.0 Series by topic, in reverse order:

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Social Media for Real World Social Change

The remainder of the Real World Change Series will continue here in 2009 and beyond. It’s a topic near and dear to my heart, and I am so happy the folks at Mashable thought it was important enough to let me kick start it over there. If you have a favorite charity, a social giving campaign, or any other innovative, new or different social media and giving news or ideas you’d like featured, please let me know by email or on Twitter.

Future Real World Change 2.0 Series posts will include ways social media is helping farmers and rural agriculture survive and thrive, global social giving, how to use social media to find or start charities, and much more. I hope to see us all giving back time, money, food, or whatever we can in 2009.