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PodCamp 4 Session: False Metrics vs Real ROI

Tom Beach of TRB Designs came to my session on False Metrics vs Real ROI at PodCamp 4 in Boston and made a video of it for the internet, in which he embedded my slides. I love the participation throughout, but especially at the end with the interaction between Chris, myself, the rest of the participants and Kat (we were encouraging her to stop selling herself short and get out there to get known for her expertise). I had intended to reserve the slides for the attendees, but since they are out there now, here you go, Tom’s recording of my session, broken into two parts for YouTube:

Pointers for Businesses Wanting to Offer WiFi

I’m at PodCamp Boston 4 this weekend, but I did write a little guideline for businesses who want to offer WiFi and draw in workshifters. You can find it over on Workshifting today. If you are here at PCB4, I’ll be talking about false metrics and ROI at 1:30 – stop by.