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PodCamp NH 2011 Wrap Up

Thank you all so, so much for coming to join us at PodCamp NH 2011! It was a wonderful day made all the more fabulous because you were there. We had 73 people sign up, and all but 15 showed – plus 3 extras who signed up at the door. It was the perfect turn out, making each class small enough to really dig in and meet your classmates and learn while creating an event that was full of amazing people to connect with.

I’d like to thank Erika Murphy and Jaime Sax of The Common Man in Ashland for handling our large group of 30 (plus two other groups that showed up at the same time, which meant the staff handled serving roughly 100 people who all came at once!) with grace and cheer. Thank you for the unexpected yet appreciated appetizers and for hosting us. The meatballs and the mac and cheese pizza were a hit.

I’d also like to thank Leia Brigham and the New Hampton School. The campus is lovely and inviting and makes PodCamp NH that much better just by inspiring us to learn. The WiFi held up under the strain, and the food got rave reviews. Having healthy, plentiful options for snacks and lunch for every person there, vegan and vegetarian included, was welcoming and kept us fueled up for the day.

I’ll be pulling links to your content here as I find it, in no particular order. Overall the tweets about PodCamp NH were fun and engaged with everyone learning and having a good time. We even played a (short) game of Quidditch and had a rousing Battledecks session. We had attendees from as far as Canada (Brian Rotsztein), Rhode Island (Bruce Garber) and Massachusetts (Tom and Reiko Beach, Chris Penn, Michelle Wolverton, Amanda Narcisi) as well as far flung parts of NH (Kevin Micalizzi and many, many more, some but not of whom show on this list). I left the day feeling energized, and I hope you all did also.

I’d love it if you chimed in on the comments here to remind people how to reach you, what you do, what you’re interested in and where to find you so we can help keep your connections going long past PodCamp NH.

Do you have photos of PodCamp NH? We have a Flickr Pool for PodCamp NH that you can add your photos to. Need an invite to add your pics, just ask!

Bruce K Garber made a “PodCamp NH in 137 seconds” video for us on his site at

Kirk Membry of Moss Creek Media grabbed a panoramic photo of the PodCamp NH 2011 kick off for us

Diane and Steve Brogan did a nice PCNH recap over on MomPopPow

PodCamp NH attendee (and team member) Sandra Rand talks about Bud Thorpe from SOPHA‘s session on Photography for your Phone

Miriam Wilcox from food blog Sometimes I Veg had lots of great things to say about the wonderful food options for PodCamp NH from New Hampton School.

Special thanks go to Magnitude Media for being the main sponsor this year, and to Awareness Inc for kicking in as well. We also had raffle giveaways sponsored by Diane Vautier (who made gorgeous bags and other items from last year’s shirts – amazing), head sets and speakers from Jabra US, two cards from Eye-Fi, gift certificates from the Tanger Outlets in Tilton, and salsa and chips out from local NH company Mitchell’s Fresh Salsa (if you missed the salsa and chips, you can friend them on Facebook to find out where to try it out). Also, many thanks to the team who helps pull this off each year.

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Going to be at my 2:30 #PCNH session, How to Market Your Podcast? Get the “slides” in advance here: Aug 13 17:46:23 via Twitter for Mac



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#PCNH @johnherman forcing us to think of what we’re DOING with SocMed – toppling government, personal growth, education, pop culture, moreSat Aug 13 15:27:19 via HootSuite



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Thanks, @leslie @CMajor @ecc1977 @johnherman et al! Had a great time at #PCNH.Sat Aug 13 20:45:15 via Echofon



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@ecc1977 @pcnh I want a Quidditch rematch next yearSat Aug 13 17:37:26 via CoTweet



Thank you 🙂 RT @leslie It’s unanimous, folks at #PCNH kind of wanted to adopt @chrisbrogan‘s folks @dianebrogan @stevebrogan 😉Sun Aug 14 12:51:06 via Twitterrific

Sessions (So Far) for PodCamp NH 2011

We’re getting some interesting sessions being proposed for PodCamp NH so far, as well as sponsors and attendees.  You can see the sessions on a live updating spreadsheet at the bottom of the sessions tab, but we thought it might be nice to break them out for you here as well. Perhaps it will inspire you to sign up to attend so you can propose you own session as well!

Christopher S. Penn to lead a session called How to market your podcast (PODCASTING: MARKETING)

You’ve got the mic, the voice, the MP3, the show. You’re proud of it and rightfully so, but… you’ve got two listeners. Despite the urgings of social media experts telling you “build it and they will listen”, it’s just not happening. How do you get people to tune in? How do you build up your audience? Join veteran podcaster and PodCamp co-founder Christopher Penn as he helps you find ears to listen to your podcast. (and other new media ventures)

Leslie Poston to lead a session on Maximizing Cutting Edge Spaces Online (including Google+)

Staying on top of the fluid online world can be a challenge. Maximizing the benefits of the newest layers of tech and social can feel impossible. Let me show you how to level up.

Christine Major to lead a session called BattleDecks

Improv comedy meets presentation skills and esoteric knowledge. In this session you, the contestant, present someone else’s slide deck, sight unseen, in the hope of winning the title of BattleDecks Champion! One of our most popular sessions. Sign ups are at the event, so sign up early with Christine.

Kim Grenon to lead a session called Join the Mom Blogger Revolution (WRITING, BLOGGING, COPY WRITING)

On average, Moms are responsible for 85% of their families’ purchasing decisions and brands are starting to notice.  Learn how to start a blog, write professional posts with a personal spin, build your social media network and catch notice of major brands who will pay you to promote their products.

Amanda Narcisi to lead a session called Dear Blog, When a blog is a story of life (WRITING, BLOGGING, COPY WRITING)

What happens when you tell your story for the world to hear in blog form. You don’t blog for business, and not for a company, but for yourself, to find others like you and inspire a following.

Amanda Narcisi to lead a session called Meet the Geeks (FILM, MOVIES, TELEVISION, WEB SERIES)

Meet geekx2 and watch a show taped at PodCamp NH. Q&A and a chance to get inspired on your own web show. With guests Jim and Chris as the hosts.

Bud Thorpe from SOPHA to lead a session called Quick and Easy Product Photography (PHOTOGRAPHY)

Many folks need to put product images on the web – from eBay sales to Craigslist, from blogs to emails.  In this session, I will show how folks can use a consumer level camera and a few items from around the home to get great results when shooting product images for the web.

Bud Thorpe from SOPHA to lead a session called Better Camera Phone Images (PHOTOGRAPHY)

It has been said that the best camera is the camera you have with you.  And while camera phones have their faults, nothing has proven as handy nor as ubiquitous.   But most folks will agree that the quality of the images produced can be lacking.  In this session we will describe how you can make the most of camera phone images!

Kirk Membry of Moss Creek Media to lead a session called iPad for Business (TECHNOLOGY)

Want to utilize your iPad for business? You will learn to master tools and techniques to extend your office into the mobile tablet realm.

Kirk Membry of Moss Creek Media to lead a session called Mobile Devices for Couples (TECHNOLOGY)

Ever want to share your house calendar with your wife? What about your grocery list with your boyfriend? Learn to keep your life and relationship in sync with mobile tools for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Sandra Rand of GK&Y to lead a session called Anatomy of a Successful Giveaway (SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING)

Giveaways are used by both bloggers & companies of all sizes, but how many of us have actually thought about the many moving pieces it takes to make a giveaway successful? Better yet, how many of us actually have the knowledge or resources to make sure our giveaway is LEGAL? Randomly choosing someone who retweeted you and shipping them some product or the schwag you received from a PR person could land you in hot water. In this session, I’ll detail the best practices for planning, marketing, conducting, and measuring a successful giveaway for any brand.

E. Christopher Clark, author and podcaster, to lead a session called Remedial Podcasting (PODCASTING)

E. Christopher Clark and Jonathan Martin of Generation Goat return to PodCamp NH for a live recording of their music focused podcast and a master class on how to do as they say and not as they do.

Casey Cheshire to lead a session called Digital Detective, What The Net Says About Your Competitors (TECHNOLOGY)

No need to break any laws here! The net is full of information about your competitors. Let’s take a look on LinkedIn, View Source, and other places to see what we can learn.

Casey Cheshire to lead a session called Digital Marketing Therapy (SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING)

Tried paid search and it didn’t work out?  Worked with a vendor who left you feeling used?  Share your challenges, be heard, and learn what you can do differently next time.

Leslie Poston of Magnitude Media and co-author of Twitter for Dummies to lead a session called Creating a DarWINian Business Model (BUSINESS)

Survival of the fittest. How to use emerging media and social tools to create an adaptable, malleable business – inside and out – that will survive and thrive in any economy


Matthew Ebel, musician, to lead a session called Introducing the Music Middle Class (MUSIC AND AUDIO)

Major labels, piracy, YouTube sensations, and free albums.  All of these are just smokescreens hiding the truth: A new population of middle-class working musicians has emerged, and they can teach you a few things about your own business as well.

Wendy Thomas to lead a session called 10 Things My Chickens Have Taught Me About Blogging- No, Seriously  (WRITING, BLOGGING, COPYWRITING)

Who knew when I got these chickens that they would be teaching me lessons about life, being a parent, and even about blogging. Things like: lay your egg in the nest box, an egg laid in the garden is a lovely thought but no one’s going to find or enjoy it and –  you’re here to lay an egg.  It’s all right to squawk about it but just get the job done. Join me as I share the top ten lessons our chickens have taught me about the art of blogging. “

Chris Clark to lead a session called LIVE QUIDDITCH

The folks at New Hampton School are giving us the run of their field to play a live action game of Quidditch. Sign up the day of the event during registration. See Chris to help plan the session.

Leah Carey to lead a session called Have a GREAT experience with the press

Many of us need to get press coverage in order to meet our business goals. In addition to being a website designer and blogger, Leah is a business columnist for a local newspaper and has seen the mistakes business owners make in dealing with the press. This session will include top tips that can transform your press coverage because journalists will WANT to make you look good when you get this stuff right! Please note: I can only be at PodCamp on August 14.

Matt Peters to lead a session called Winning at Facebook’s EdgeRank Game

EdgeRank and the algorithm’s effect on Facebook Pages has ushered in a new type of SEO. Let’s learn how to win at this new game.

We have two days of programming coming, and these are just the tip of the iceberg, folks.  See all of the categories and propose YOUR session now!