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Topics on Fire, Episode 9: Government 2.0 and what it means for social media and technology

Tonight’s episode of Topics on Fire will center around Government 2.0 and what it means for social media, technology and the nation under the new President-elect, Barack Obama. There are inherent legal and security concerns with Government 2.0 implementation and use, as well as issues with how to fit technology, social media and transparency into the existing sluggish bureaucratic structure.

Politics and Technology

Today on Blorge I’m talking about politics and technology. My post on what an Obama presidency could mean for technology and science is up now, and my post on the meaning of a McCain win will follow a bit later tonight. I’m interested to hear your thoughts. Which president do you think will have a more positive impact on us as a technology community and as a nation, and why? Did you agree with the points made in the Topics on Fire episode dealing with the issue of politics and technology?