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Don’t Let Others Distract You

You’ve found your groove. You’re focused on your dream. You’re putting into practice the ideas you discovered from early adopters and early investors in this whole “social” space from books like Twitter For Dummies, Trust Agents, Crush It!, Get Seen, and so many more*. You’re stoked – you can feel your dreams realized, a step at a time. Then, you get distracted.

Have you noticed you get distracted by the very minds who inspired you in the first place? It’s not always just a coincidence. In some cases, it’s intentional. In other cases, it’s more benign – a thought leader, as they become called, wants to keep generating ideas and sometimes simply doesn’t think of the impact it may have on the person the ideas touch. Other times, they do. A Gary Vaynerchuk or a Chris Brogan** or others say they are “redrawing” or “refocusing” or “going beyond crushing it” and “stepping up their game” or [insert other vague yet seemingly positive language] here.

It makes you feel inadequate. It makes you feel left behind. It makes you feel like you aren’t moving fast enough. It makes you feel as though you have to keep up with the Joneses. It makes you stop focusing on your goal.

Did you know that the skill I use the most in my job is my education in psychology? Did you know that distraction, envy and inadequacy are very effective techniques for sidelining the competition? Did you know that in this new economy with these new tools, at this rapid pace technology flies, you are just as much competition as the heavy hitters who have come before?

If you didn’t know that before, know it now. Listen to the “thought leaders” when it helps you, but check in with yourself daily. Make sure your eyes stay on your prize and stop thinking you have to veer off your track each time someone with a bigger megaphone tries something new. Should you stop innovating? No. Should you innovate wisely and according to what works for your resources? Yes.

Now get back to work, hustle, and stop letting me distract you.

* Yes, they are Amazon affiliate links. I read a book a day – it helps me feed my addiction.


** I adore Chris, Gary, Steve and the rest of my colleagues. They are awesome. You should still focus on what’s good for you and your business above all else.

Video Podcast Recap, Topics on Fire

Please enjoy the audio recording embedded below of this fantastic podcast on all things video with Steve Garfield, John Herman Tim Street and David Tames. The links from the episode are below the audio embed.

Links from this episode:

David Tames Mac Coolant Leak Video
CNN iReport Top Three Hurricane Kyle Reports via Steve Garfield
Learn Videoblogging via Steve Garfield.  Warning: Video plays when page loads.
David Tames Book Recommendation (buy it used): Editing Techniques with Final Cut Pro (2nd Edition)
by Michael Wohl
Teenage Tourettes Camp 10‘ had a happy ending. Great doccumentary via Steve Garfield
The Carol and Steve Show: Episode 29 – The Porch, Part 1
Spices of Life via Steve Garfield
John Herman likes Mogulus
Steve Garfield and David Tames recommend tools Qik, Vimeo, BlipTV, TubeMogul
David Tames Practical Sound Recording and Editing Techniques For Better Video
John Herman’s strange new show, OddNogginLand
Steve Garfield invites all to Boston Media Makers
Tim Street’s thoughts on monetizing video at his blog
David Tames blog Contact info
Good LA Times article on Tim Street
John Herman invites all to NH Media Makers
David Tames Documentary Video Bootcamp Course at MassArt
John Herman’s site
Steve Garfield’s site
M J Carrasquillo site (participant from chat room)
Leslie Poston’s sites bio, blog, work

Upcoming Episodes:

Next episodes are all a bit light in tone – hey, it’s the holidays! Let’s have a little fun with our online world.

12/14/08 10PM EST Online Shopping Tips, Tricks, and Sources with several guests, including a possible cameo from SavvyAuntie

Break for Christmas/New Year’s Eve – Happy Holidays

1/4/09 10PM EST New Year, New You – fashion and image advice for the sartorial internet and social media lover with panelists Dmitri Gunn, Jamey Sheuy, Thomas Edwards and possibly Scott Monty if he is available

1/18/09 10PM EST Marketing and Enjoying Wine Online – all of the ways to find, sell, market, and enjoy wine online with panelists Cata Vino, Emilio Seaz ven Eerd from Las Casa de las Vides, Craig Dollett from Bin Ends Wine and many more

Topics on Fire can be followed at this link to receive notices when a new episode is about to air.

It’s All About Video on Tonight’s Topics on Fire

NOTE: recap and embedded file coming tomorrow.

Tonight marks Episode TEN of Topics on Fire, and it is going to be a good one, folks. Do stop by to hear Steve Garfield, John Herman, Tim Street and others discuss online video and how they do what they do, from creating interactive television series like Gravityland, to getting featured on the BBC as a citizen journalist to monetizing online video and everything in between. I’m pretty excited for this panel, and I hope to see you there.

Please note the NEW TIME for Topics on Fire, 10PM Eastern, by popular request.

Again, that’s Topics on Fire tonight at 10PM EST with @stevegarfield @johnherman @1timstreet etc about VIDEO – pass it on!