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Find Leslie Poston on the Content Marketing 50

Today eContent Marketing Magazine announced their Content Marketing 50 for July 2013. I was so happy to be included with such long standing content innovators as Ann Handley and Joe Chernov on this list of content marketers worth watching.

That list is packed full of people who excel in the content marketing arena. You absolutely can’t go wrong checking out what they have to say on everything from ebooks and white papers, to blog posts, infographics and more.

Read the entire Content Marketing 50 list (and find out where to follow all 50 of the content marketers on Twitter) at the eContent Marketing site.

Talking Social Media Metrics on Breakthrough Business Radio

Yesterday I was on Breakthrough Business Radio.

If you missed it, here is the audio:

Listen to internet radio with Breakthroughbusiness on Blog Talk Radio

Michelle Price and Leslie Poston talk about Social Media Metrics

Social Media Metrics, from Novice to Expert

This week I did a webinar with Demand Metric on tips and tricks for advancing your metrics knowledge.

The entire video is embedded below.

Thanks so much to Jerry Rackley and team for having me. You had a great group with great questions!


Getting from Novice to Expert

Marketers that understand the value of social media are nevertheless often unsure the best approach to monitoring and measuring their social media efforts. This free webinar, presented by Leslie Poston, author of “Social Media Metrics for Dummies” will help you sift through all the information available about social media monitoring and metrics so that you can know what’s being said and measure the effectiveness of your social media efforts.

Using principles from her book, Leslie will teach attendees of this webinar:

How you can feel like your efforts online are measurable and full of purpose and direction.
How applying metrics to the whole organization for a true social business model will help you drive sales and grow your brand.
How metrics should lead to more than one goal: marketing and brand awareness, sales, competitive intelligence, human resources, content marketing plans and more.

Buy the Social Media Metrics for Dummies book here for more like this. Have a copy already? Review it here.

The Next Generation of CRM: Social Media Today Webinar

This week, wearing my author hat for Social Media Metrics for Dummies and my strategy hat from M2, I had the pleasure of joining Mike Lewis, author of Stand Out Social Marketing: How to Rise Above the Noise, Differentiate Your Brand, and Build an Outstanding Online Presence and VP of Sales and Marketing for Awareness; Paul Gillin, author of Social Marketing to the Business Customer and B2B marketing coach; Taulbee Jackson, Chief Strategist at Raidius; and the folks at Social Media Today for a webinar on The Next Generation of CRM.

It was an information packed hour moderated by the capable and well-informed Brent Leary where we covered all that’s new and worth noting in CRM, made a few predictions, had some witty banter and generally enjoyed talking shop and doing our best to be helpful for everyone tuned in.

If you missed it, you can download or listen to the audio with Leslie Poston, Paul Gillin, Mike Lewis, Taulbee Jackson, Brent Leary, Robin Carey for Next Generation of CRM by Social Media Today and see the simple slide deck below in this post.

A bit of the Twitter conversation during the webinar:





Read on for more event tweets and quotes and the full official webinar wrap description from the Social Media today wrap post:


The Social Web has removed a lot of the stability, structure and control that once characterized CRM. Traditional CRM has featured elements of communication and feedback tracking, but they have always relied on structured tools for participation and recording actions and outcomes. Now, customer relations exist across a wide assortment of platforms and conversations where the business must radically adapt if it is to practice any kind of management. In this webinar, our panelists will assess the new CRM – its potential and its limits in the context of a customer-defined playing field. Tune in and bring your questions as we explore the following issues:

Where does CRM live in a socially savvy business?
What CRM tools and practices have become outmoded and how are they being replaced?
Are there any boundaries between CRM, marketing, PR and CS on the Social Web?
How has the customer’s role changed in the relationship?
About the Panel:

Mike Lewis, VP of Sales and Marketing at Awareness, Inc. and author of Stand Out Social Marketing

Leslie Poston, Founder of Magnitude Media, Speaker, author of Social Media Metrics for Dummies, Brand Journalist for Radian 6.

Paul Gillin, Trainer and B2B social media marketing coach, author of three books on social media marketing including his most recent book Social Marketing to the Business Customer.

Brent Leary, is a CRM industry analyst, advisor, author, speaker and award winning blogger. He is co-founder and Partner of CRM Essentials LLC

Taulbee Jackson, is the founder and CEO of Raidious, the company that managed the social media efforts for the 2012 Super Bowl.




SMM4D Virtual Book Tour Kicks Off June 20 – Join Us!

ONLINE 6:00 PM Eastern/ 3:00 PM Pacific – Join us!


I am pleased to announce that I will be hosting a live book talk on Shindig, a new customized video chat space for live events. We will be connected globally via webcam online, and can interact and participate in a live talk about Social Media Metrics. You can socialize with other participants, or watch and listen. The event will be June 20, 2012 at 6pm Eastern / 3 PM Pacific.

Here’s how it works. About 15 minutes before it starts go to the event link and log in (those who register using the link above will receive their log in instructions to their email). You should test your microphone and camera at this time. Then when the event starts we can get underway. We will have an interactive talk about Social Media Metrics, followed by a question and answer session. The talk is sponsored by Shindig Events.

The way to make this interesting and fun is to have A LOT of people in attendance. So please invite as many of your friends as you like to join us! Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter to as many people as you can.

Grab your web cams and get ready for a fun evening!

More Info Here

Get your copy of the book on Kindle or paperback before the event here!

Wrap Post: From Dummy to Genius Metrics Webinar with Awareness

Seminar on Metrics for Awareness

View more presentations from Leslie Poston

(Having trouble viewing the slides? Try this link.)

I had the pleasure of presenting a webinar on social media metrics for a group of people* via the Awareness Inc. webinar series this week. This is the second webinar I’ve done with Awareness and I enjoy it every time. The people who sign up are always engaged and ask fantastic questions.  I know there is a recording on Awareness, and you can grab it here.

I was asked to create a list of the tools I mentioned. I only touched the tip of the iceberg with tools listed and the potential of metrics in the webinar. An hour is so short when you’re discussing such an important and comprehensive topic! (By the way, Walter Schärer attended from pretty far away and took some fairly good notes, linked here for your reference. If you also took notes, let me know and I’ll link to your post.) Regarding tools, there are many, many more tools in the book, and instruction on how to create many of the metrics we discussed (available here), but here are those tools I was able to mention this week for you:

1) For more information on the reverse tracking of the metrics of Occupy Movement sites that I mentioned to illustrate my point that metrics is a two-way street, I refer you to Tim Lebert’s post detailing his findings

2) Awareness, Inc’s Hub

3) Google Analytics

4) KISSMetrics

5) Ripples (Google Plus)

6) SocialStatistics (Google Plus)

7) (Twitter, etc – URL shortener with stats)

8 ) (Twitter, etc – URL shortener with stats)

9) HootSuite(see above)

10) TweetReach (Twitter)

11) Page Lever  (Facebook)

12) Edgerank Checker (Facebook)

13) TubeMogul (Youtube – uploader with stats – now called OneLoad)

14) PinReach (Pinterest)

15) Pintics (Pinterest)

16) Pinerly (Pinterest)

17) Pinpuff (Pinterest)

18) MailChimp (Email)

19) Constant Contact (Email)

20) WhatCounts (Email)

21) Localytics (Mobile)

22) Google Alerts (Competitive Intelligence)

23) Search Alerts for Ebay (Competitive Intelligence)

24) Advanced Twitter Search (Competitive Intelligence)

25) Slick RSS (Competitive Intelligence – any RSS reader will do, pick your favorite)

26) ChangeDetection (Competitive Intelligence)

27) HowSociable (Competitive Intelligence)

28) SocialMention (Competitive Intelligence)

29) Majestic SEO (Competitive Intelligence)

30) SEO for Chrome (Competitive Intelligence)

31) W3 Patrol (Competitive Intelligence)

32) W3 Techs (Competitive Intelligence)

33) Regular Expression Checker (Competitive Intelligence)

34) GA Data Grabber from MTAnalytics

35) Christopher Penn (Great source of actionable info)

36) Avinash Kausik (Great source of info)

37) Radian6 (Metrics + Sentiment)

38) Custom Scoop (Metrics + Sentiment)

39) Quantified Self Movement (Metrics Outside of the Box)

40) Nicholas Felton (QS Example)

41) Fitbit (the device I use to track exercise, sleep, etc)

*And by “group of people” I mean well over 1000 signed up. Thank you so much, that was an honor.

I use Creative Commons Search to find awesome, available for use images for my slide shows. Credit for the images that made this slide show more awesome go to:

Marc_Smith, Adbusters, Seattle Municipal Archives, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Search Engine People, craigCloutier, Anonymous9000, klipfolio, mtanalytics, stockerre, filmnoir 1, Nicholas Felton

Google Plus for Music

I did a brief talk as part of a series of sessions by a very interesting and diverse group of music industry types at music 2.0 in Boston, MA this week.

I thought I’d put up the slides and record some fresh audio to give everyone a refresher.

If you can’t see the QuickTime movie below for whatever reason, Google Plus for Music is also on my Slideshare channel.

One thing I didn’t go into in my talk, mainly because it was a little advanced and I only had 15 minutes, was the Hangout With Extras feature. I highly recommend checking this out if you are an artist looking to collaborate as it pulls in Google Docs (lyrics) and other features to allow you to actively talk, chat, edit and record while in a Hangout. It’s the little blue link that appears on the “get your mic ready” page when you begin a Hangout.

WMUR Channel 9 Tech Talk Transcript from February 29, 2012

I have so enjoyed doing Tech Talk with you via WMUR Channel 9 (ABC) during the month of February.

I hope you found it useful. Here is this morning’s transcript


  • Hi Leslie,

    I’m currently interning with a very small company that has taken on the admirable (and challenging) task of rekindling the flame of local radio in Manchester NH, and my background in media studies and audio production has elevated my role to more of an operations manager.

    I’ve recently been exploring the ways in which our social media accounts interact with our website, and I’m trying to determine which functions are better provided by one medium over another. In short, our website provides our listeners with tremendous functionally, such as a blog, audio and video clips, press releases and survey questions, and our strategy has largely been guiding our audience to this website through our radio show and our social media accounts.

    My question is this: is it more productive to pull Facebook/Twitter users away from those sites and to our own unique website (which we also sell ad space for), or is it more effective to cultivate stronger and more interactive relationships on these accounts alone, or some combination of the two? At time it seems counterproductive to pull users away from an environment in which they already happy interact (Facebook/Twitter), but our ability to monetize our own website is important to our business model.

    Thank you for your input!

    by Steve Messa 7:00 AM
  • There are two parts to this answer.

    First: It is always better to pull people over to your site whenever possible for the simple reason that you OWN it. The TOS (Terms of Service) of Facebook, especially, dictates that any photos or other content you upload to their site, they own and can use for profit. They are doubling down on this with their upcoming social ads, that actually will pull comments from people’s public fan pages to sell their products. It’s always better for the business to keep full ownership of their content and full control over what they post and how it is used.

    Second: You can’t control how users prefer to use the internet, and the fact that folks are already comfortable with Facebook, etc and are already there means that yes, a presence there is key to your business surviving and thriving. The trick is to instill some kind of app or other mechanism that allows the user on FB to enjoy your content that you are producing on your site – not all businesses have the budget for this. If you don’t, then have a thriving presence there centered around conversation with your fans and use that to bring them out to your site.

    by Leslie Poston 7:01 AM
  • certain accounts are following me on twitter who i don’t want to follow me. can i block them?
    by Jas 7:10 AM
  • Yes, you can block accounts on Twitter. If you use Twitter by going to their site,, you can block someone by clicking their user name. This brings up a window with a synopsis of their profile. In that window you see a drop down arrow. Clicking that brings up a list of options (mention them, direct message them, add to a list, etc. The options for reporting and blocking are there. If you use a program like Hootsuite for Twitter, clicking the name brings up a profile window, and the block user, or block and report for spam, is at the bottom of the window.
    by Leslie Poston 7:12 AM
  • When is the iPad 3 coming out??
    by tech question 7:14 AM
  • I wish I knew! Apple keeps a tight lid on their product launches. Speculation says this year, but only Apple knows for sure.
    by Leslie Poston 7:14 AM
  • Is Tweetdeck the best twitter application or can you recommend a better one?
    by Jas 7:18 AM
  • Tweetdeck has been acquired by Twitter in recent years and they have been making some changes to it recently that have the users a little upset. While they sort it out I might recommend another option. 

    I use Hootsuite to manage my account and those of my clients. It is free for one user but more users cost money. One reason I like it – it lets you see when someone has replied to a customer already if you have lots of people on one account.

    Seesmic is another option, totally free, for one person to use. It’s really nicely done and clean.

    Another is Twimbow – a free app that lets you sort your stream by color and other cool things.

    If you like stats another one that isn’t completely free is PeopleBrowsr.

    If you are a larger business you might want something more robust, like Meltwater Engage (formerly JitterJam), the Awareness Hub, Eloqua, etc.

    There are hundreds of apps out there to choose from, though, so if you don’t see one you like up there you can look at tools like to find more.

    by Leslie Poston 7:23 AM
  • Suzanne from Facebook: I cannot load my music to y kindle I have tried on three diffrent computers and have followed all teh steps on the kindle & using the direction in my media players on my computers. very disapointed. any suggestions?
    by Kevin Clay/WMUR Staff 7:28 AM
  • Hmm. That sounds like a tricky problem. I know Kindles don’t always play well with music that is not in the right format. If that isn’t the issue, then I think Amazon Tech Support might be the best place to find an answer for this one – they can look at your whole problem and review the steps you’ve taken with you and help you fully.
    by Leslie Poston 7:30 AM
  • Hi Leslie, thanks so much for doing this chat today. I was wondering what’s the best way to increase the number of Twitter followers I have?
    by BigCity 7:31 AM
  • The best way to increase your Twitter followers is to be involved, be engaged and be interesting. For the first month you are on Twitter (or longer if you are struggling with it) it can feel like you are talking to yourself. There are some simple ways to get more people interested in talking with you:

    1) Make sure your Twitter account is not protected – protected accounts are hidden, so no one can find you to follow you

    2) Use Twitter search to find people talking about things you are interested in or topics relevant to your company – then join the conversation. You don’t have to be following someone to reply to them on Twitter! It’s by nature a public conversation and public news feed – jump right on in. Then, if you get a dialogue going, you might find that those people are people you want to follow and that want to also follow you. The #Discover area on is also useful for finding common topics to talk about with folks you haven’t met yet.

    3) At an event? Find out the hasthag and jump in on the conversation there and share your event photos etc using it. For example, Social Media Breakfast NH uses #SMBNH every time we have a breakfast so attendees can find each other and find content relevant to the event. Also make a list of the attendees to follow, and make sure you are on any public Twitter Lists for the event as well.

    4) Jump in on a live Twitter Chat. A great one is #blogchat on Sunday nights, but there are a ton of chats relevant to you. Check the full list here (or add yours to it if you have one you host):

    5) Get into Twitter habits. For example, @CSPENN is know for his link sharing #the5 now (among other things) – people now expect him to share his five best links using that hashtag. Find your “thing” then make it a habit

    This is just the tip of the iceberg but it should get you started!

    by Leslie Poston 7:38 AM
  • Sarah from Facebook: What do you think about pinterest’s policies on copyright?
    by Kevin Clay/WMUR Staff 7:39 AM
  • Pinterest and sites like it (Anybeat, Minglewing, Gentlemint, Foodspotting, TinyReview, etc) all have similar copyright policies. Facebook has one of the most evil site policies for copyright, giving them ownership of anything you upload, including private photos on your personal page, to sell for use in ads, etc. It just doesn’t get the same public outcry (which is too bad – it really should get the same attention until the problem is resolved, but I digress). 

    I like that Pinterest addressed the customer service aspect of the issue by putting control into your hands – if you look on their site you see they now provide site owners with a bit of code that allows you to opt out of having people “Pin” your content.

    Remember: the trade off for these free sites is YOU: is your data and your content. Protect yourself.

    by Leslie Poston 7:44 AM
  • I’m a teacher and was wondering if you know of any WordPress plugins for a self-hosted site that might be of educational use, such as games or site features.
    by LorenzoA 7:44 AM
  • There are so many cool WordPress plugins and site features out there for education, and some that are not intended for education but get put to use in the classroom. With so many it’s hard to narrow it down, but here are a few (YMMV):

    LePress: organize courses, make assignments

    Lesson Plan Book: Calendar of lessons

    Possibly Related Classroom Projects pulls in relevant projects from DonorsChoose

    Then there are a ton of plugins for calendars, histories, timeline visualization, visual content enhancement, and collaborative editing that are useful but not classroom specific.

    Find other teachers like @ldpodcast @johnherman @holden @scastriotta etc on Twitter and talk to them about what they use also.

    by Leslie Poston 7:47 AM
  • I have a Verizon iPhone, but I suppose my question could pertain to any iPhone. What are effective ways to charge it like during a power outage with no house AC power and car DC power is out of the question?
    by Thomas Grice 7:49 AM
  • If you do a quick search online, there is a charging case you can buy that extends the life of the battery long past normal use time. 

    There are also USB charge packs (look for one with the right connector style for the iPhone – some are meant for other phones). I keep USB charge packs in my house for my Android phone – it’s saved my bacon in a few NH ice storms and outages to have them around.

    by Leslie Poston 7:51 AM
  • I have 509 items on my Kindle (oldest model) I can I clean it out without having to delete each item?
    by martha 7:53 AM
  • I’m not a Kindle user, but it looks like you aren’t the only one having that issue. Apparently you can unregister your Kindle, download the items, then clean it off, HOWEVER – I’m not sure I’d recommend that route – I’ve never tried it myself. Here is a bit more about the problem:
    by Leslie Poston 7:55 AM
  • Thanks to everyone for the questions and thanks to Leslie Poston for answering questions all this month! You can see more about how to connect with Leslie on the right side of this page.
    by Kevin Clay/WMUR Staff 7:59 AM

Read more:

WMUR 9 Tech Talk Transcript from Wednesday February 8, 2012

Here are the questions I answered this morning (read from bottom up).

Tune in next week (and every Wednesday in February) to ask me your questions!


  • OK everyone thanks for all the questions, and thanks to Leslie Poston for answering them!
    by Kevin Clay/WMUR Staff 7:53 AM
  • There is no certain way of knowing how much info sites like Facebook have about you. There are many lawsuits in effect right now all over the world where people are trying to force Facebook, in particular, to disclose that information.A safe assumption is that any info you type in (e.g. voluntarily give out) has been saved. I recommend clearing cache regularly, not using AutoFill in your browser, keeping backups of things like Google Docs, using OnePassword or Dashlane to create better passwords unique to each site, and surfing the web in incognito or masked mode wherever you can to protect yourself. Remember: the exchange for your use of free services is your personal data – it’s up to you how much you give away.

    by Leslie Poston 7:50 AM
  • Do we have anyway of knowing how much info google, FB, etc collect on our web activities?
    by Sean Mcdonald 7:45 AM
  • How to use social media to get more customers for your business depends in part on what your business does. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach that will work well for any business.One example would be a restaurant: a good HTML5 site (not Flash!) with a great mobile version of the web site, Open Menu, an online reservation feature, a blog, share buttons so people can talk about you, and a Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook page would be great. However, that is only great if you put the manpower behind the effort – people expect regular updates and to be able to ask you questions where they are online. In the near future, Pinterest and video will be key here also. And please, put your hours, phone number and menu on page one – people on their phone or tablet don’t want to mess around trying to find that info.A doctor, on the other hand, has a lot of regulations to deal with like HIPPAA. Social media can help their business, but they have to be careful – same for any business that is regulated or that deals with children, health, legal issues, etc.

    Any small business needs a website (a good one – please pay someone to make you a nice one), good content, and some social outposts that fit where their customers are – this may be Google Plus and Facebook for one business and Vimeo for another – do your research or ask someone like me at Magnitude Media for help with your strategy.

    Have a schedule to make sure you update often once you get your social in place, and don’t forget to reply to the people who talk to you online. Do vanity searches and alerts for your business so you don’t miss chances to talk to people you might not follow yet.

    by Leslie Poston 7:46 AM
  • How can a small business best utilize social media to get more customers?
    by Dave 7:39 AM
  • Google’s new terms of service is a thorny issue for many! I look at it two ways: 1) They already had this layer of information about you (personal data is the price we pay for using services for free). They are just “consolidating” it to make your experience more universal across their platforms. In that way, they aren’t getting any “new” info about you. 2) This can create an issue for those that have kept their personal and professional personas separate on Google. If you are one of those people who like a clear divide and who use some Google tools for professional use and some for personal, you might look for other solutions. If you don’t mind the blurring of the lines, then you should be fine.

    Of bigger concern to me is how they have changed search. To get your old search results back (e.g. relevant search results), click the world icon at the top of the search page to turn off personal search, and then go into your Google Plus account and turn off the +1 results feature.

    by Leslie Poston 7:32 AM
  • If you’re a business that relies on google docs for meeting notes and storing other info, how worried should you be about googles new terms of service?
    by question 7:30 AM
  • Reciprocal linking is a bit of an old school tactic where sites would link to each other to help get more SEO traction. The issue there is that you could be linking to a site that you don’t endorse – a link implies endorsement. Better is to link to sites you really believe in and create good content around your business – then get it talked about on social channels, Links back to your site will come naturally without having to endorse sites that aren’t relevant to you.
    by Leslie Poston 7:28 AM
  • Jane from Facebook: Recently I was asked to link my web page to others (unknown ) in return they will link mine to theirs and I’d I did it for 5 pages, iget the same plus deep links it was called 3 way linking. And it was free?
    by Kevin Clay/WMUR Staff 7:26 AM
  • Pinterest and Gentlemint are two hot sites right now that are changing how we view the web. By making the web a more visual, curated experience. Currently, Pinterest is driving more traffic than Google Plus to product pages, which is a fascinating statistic considering Pinterest is still in invite only beta. At the moment I’d advise everyone to include not only mobile marketing and mobile active sites designed for tablets to their marketing plans, but to include a heavy emphasis on good photos and video.
    by Leslie Poston 7:25 AM
  • We hear a lot about Facebook, Twitter and Google+, what are some of the other up and coming social media websites?
    by Dave 7:23 AM
  • Skype is an excellent tool for customer service, especially if you utilize the video chat feature – it gives that personal touch to those customers that want to see who they talk to – but it’s not required, you can just text chat or call. There are plugins available to record Skype calls, Skype texts and entire conversations, but you need to install those before you embark on customer service via Skype. I wouldn’t use Skype without the recording tools – you need a record of your conversations for your business! The limit for a Skype video chat is small for the free version (I believe it is three right now – they recently changed it when Microsoft bought them) but you can have a paid account that allows you to have more people in video chat. You can have as many as you’d like in a text chat. The conference call feature is also three right now. Paid accounts can also choose their Skype number, their ring back number and other features.
    by Leslie Poston 7:17 AM
  • I’m in Customer Service and I noticed some of our customers have a Skype ID. What are your thoughts on using Skype as a communication tool instead of email and how many customers could you Skype with at a time? Is there a pause button? : )
    by Kelly Crowley 7:16 AM
  • There are stats out there on how advertisers used social media, particularly Shazam and QR codes. It’s a little long to post here, but if you check back on Blog later today I’ll post several options for that for you that tell more about the metrics of the Super Bowl Ads
    by Leslie Poston 7:14 AM
  • Renee on Facebook asks: Do you know if there are stats on whether Shazam or QR Codes are more effective driving traffic (likes) to a facebook page? Twitter account? Website? I’m particularly interested in demographics of who uses Shazam and who uses QR codes. Thank You.
    by Kevin Clay/WMUR Staff 7:13 AM
  • No you can not see if people look at your Facebook page – that is a well known phishing scam on Facebook. If you see someone with that link on their wall it means they need to do two things 1) go into their privacy settings and revoke permission for that app and 2) change their password – they’ve been phished, most likely by clicking a similar link.
    by Leslie Poston 7:10 AM
  • can people see if you’re looking at their facebook page?
    by Sean 7:09 AM
  • I’m not sure why FB decided not to turn an edit feature on in their main updates, but you can edit two types of posts : a shared link (you can edit the description area in the link – the excerpt – by clicking on it once) and the comments you make (clicking the x once quickly after making a comment now opens an edit window). Both features only work for a few seconds after posting though! – I agree – I’d love to have a do over on my updates. I’m a typo queen.
    by Leslie Poston 7:07 AM
  • why doesn’t facebook allow you to edit your posts?
    by Sean 7:04 AM
  • That depends on how you use twitter for your business. You don’t have to, but following allows them to DM you and may lead to reservations/customer service questions online that you’ll need to be prepared to handle by monitoring your account or setting notifications to email or phone.
    by Leslie Poston 7:03 AM
  • Hi Leslie, if a customer compliments or contacts us via twitter and follows us should we also follow them?
    by KancamagusLodge 7:01 AM

Early Riser With A Social Tech Question?

If that’s you, I’ll be on WMUR’s online Tech Talk as their “Ask an Expert” every Wednesday morning from 7AM – 8AM Eastern this month doing my best to help you out of your social tech jams. Note: my answers will feed out to my Magnitude Media business Twitter (not to @Leslie – that account is noisy enough already!).

Questions I will answer: social media, marketing and general business tips and questions about social media and emerging media issues and tools. Wondering what the heck Pinterest is or have questions about Google Plus? Want to know about tools to help filter the noise or what a good blogging platform is for SEO? Those are great questions.

Questions I won’t answer: questions about your specific company’s needs (one question doesn’t give me enough info to tell you what kind of strategy to use for your next marketing campaign, for example). You really need to consult me (or someone else) as a consultant for an in depth question or marketing strategy needs.

I can’t wait to help you!

You can get to Tech Talk each Wednesday in February 2012 at this link.